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Security Features You Need to Implement at Your Cabin if It's Empty for Weeks at a Time

A nice, rustic cabin provides the ideal getaway for many people. It is the perfect getaway for some me-time or time with your spouse or family creating unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, many people struggle with their cabin security.

Intruders love to invade cabins when the owners aren’t around. This means that your cabin's security should be a priority. As a cabin owner, you have to ensure that your cabin is safe during your absence. Many people find it daunting to select the right security features for their cabins. Here are the best solutions to follow through for your cabin's security.

Make the Cabin Look Occupied

Most intruders do not waltz into an unknown place for their heists. Instead, they take their time to study the target. When you leave your cabin for a few weeks or months at a time, you need to ensure it does not look deserted. Leave behind tools like rakes out on the lawn, or install automatic solar lights that turn on at night.

Install a Security System

The end game to your cabin's insecurity issues is technology. A good security system helps ensure that your cabin is protected no matter how remote it is. Try to find a system that incorporates cameras, motion sensors, sirens, and audio speakers. When there is an intruder, the security system will send a notification to your mobile device. You can use the installed audio speakers to caution the intruder as they draw closer to your cabin, or you can simply alert the police in the area where your cabin is.

Fortify Your Cabin

Easy to break doors and windows are the first things that a burglar will check for. In some cases, wild animals may also knock down the doors to take refuge in the cabin during winter. The exterior doors of your cabin need to be reinforcement, and the locks need to be challenging to pick. You can also add bars and grills to the windows to ensure access to the cabin is not easy, even if the glass is broken.

Involve Your Neighbors and the Police

When away for long periods of time, consider asking a neighbor to drive up your driveway. They should leave tire tracks behind, showing someone is around. If you trust your neighbors, you can even give them a key to the cabin and ask them to check the house every so often. Again, this will show intruders that someone is around, and your neighbor can also let you know if there are any issues with the cabin while you’re away, even something simple like a leaking pipe or some new pests. 

You can also opt to involve the police since most cabins are around tourist destinations. They can take part by patrolling around the cabin.

Securing your cabin is essential if you want to have peace of mind during your getaways or escapes. Selecting the ideal security features is the answer to enjoying your vacations. The solutions mentioned above will help you reduce the chance of vandalism and lost valuables in your cabin.

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