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Several Things Plumbers Wish Homeowners Knew

One of the most essential amenities in a modern home is running water because it allows you to cook, bathe, clean and even dispose of waste. No one pays much attention to plumbing when it's working, but when it stops, everybody panics. It doesn't come as a surprise why most plumbers charge high labor costs, because it takes a lot to keep things flowing smoothly. For a better understanding of how plumbers from rorlegger frigstad keep them civilized, here is a list of some of the things they wish you knew.

Stop Using Drain Cleaners

Most over-the-counter chemicals that people use on their drain lines don't always work effectively. Most of the time you will find that the problem has become persistent and the homeowner has to call a plumber. One of the most significant problems about over the counter chemicals is that they are always ineffective, and that could cause corrosion in the system. If you have used these chemicals, once you call the plumber from Tett kloakk, the least you can do is warn them about it because they could splash the chemicals all over themselves when snaking the drain.

Don’t Try To Flush A Phone

The number of people who drop their cell phones in toilets accidentally is surprising. The thing is, most of these people are grossed out and don't want to touch that phone again, so they try to flush it down. The problem is a cell phone doesn't go down, and it only blocks the drain.

Most Of The Things You Think Are Flushable Are Not

There are a lot of products in the market, especially feminine hygiene products that people think are flashable, but they are not. You see, they are designed to swell with fluid, so once you flush them in the toilet, they absorb water and then clog the drain. Flushable wipes dont break down as well as toilet paper either, and they just block the drain as well.

Plumbers Need Access To The Plumbing Issue

Most homeowners don't bother to remove all the things that are blocking the way to the plumbing issue. If your bathroom sink is clogged, for instance, you need to remove all the stuff piled up around the sink so that the plumber can have easy access. Ensure there is a path that leads to and from the issue.

Calling On Tuesdays Is Better

Most people avoid calling plumber's during the weekends because they don't want to pay for overtime. However, this means that most of them will be taken on Mondays. Generally, calling them on Tuesday is so much better because you will find an available plumber.

New Tools are not Always a Bad Sign

Contrary to belief, plumber's that come to work with brand new tools doesn't always mean that they are inexperienced. Most people feel that experienced plumbers come in with rusty tools that have done some work, but this is not always the case. Maybe the plumber just decided to buy new tools, or maybe they just started their own company. There are numerous reasons why a plumber would have new tools. To check experience, look at how well those tools are organized.

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