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As a homeowner, it probably seems like you’re always working on a project, or at least, you always have a project that just isn’t quite finished yet. While home repairs are quite literally are ongoing projects, there are a few things you can get done without spending days, weeks, or even months working on them. In fact, if all you have is a weekend, you can complete any (or several) of these six projects to spruce up your home and cut down on that to do list. Don’t get too overwhelmed with home renovations or projects, just take it one simple task at a time and keep the work to a minimum.

Cupboards That Just Won’t Stay Shut
Few things are more irritating than a cabinet door that won’t stay closed. But, few things are more expensive or take more time than replacing the cupboards in your kitchen. Opt for a simple, quick fix you can get done in a weekend instead. More often than not, the issue with a cupboard that won’t stay closed is the spring mechanism. These springs often get broken, especially with repeated use. To fix it, simply buy a magnet catch and mount it onto the pesky cabinet. Your cupboard will be fixed, and you won’t have invested much more time than 15 minutes.

Replace a Faucet
Over time, faucets in the kitchen and bathroom become grungy and caked with buildup. While a certain amount of cleaning can spruce up an old faucet, you’ll save time and energy by just replacing the unit. Head to your local hardware store and pick out a new faucet, and then replace the old one. You can almost completely makeover the look of your kitchen or bath by making this one simple replacement.

Paint a Room

Most household paints are rated for roughly 3 years of wear. However, most of us put off repainting much longer than that, thinking it takes too long or is too much work to paint. In reality, from start to finish, you can repaint a standard size room in less than 2 days, or even 1 if you are willing to apply a couple coats in one day. Select a paint that is paint and primer in one to save on steps, and get to painting.

Build a Custom Window Treatment
Curb appeal is what it’s all about today, so why not work on yours with a simple DIY project. A window box is the perfect treatment for street-facing windows, and it won’t take you much time at all to build one. At some hardware stores you can even find a kit for building window boxes to help you maximize your time.

Fix the Garbage Disposal
That garbage disposal was a real kitchen asset until it stopped working. Save yourself some time and money by trying this easy repair instead of buying and installing a whole new system. Use a garbage disposal wrench to unjam it, then turn off the power and insert the wrench. Maneuver the wrench in the disposal until it connects and locks into the cutter wheel. Turn the wheel counterclockwise until you feel it release and the motor can run freely.

Install a Security System
Few things are more important around your home than the safety and security of your family. Take a bit of time over the weekend to install a security system to ensure your family’s safety. Northstar Home Security alarms are a great option because they offer a quick, easy installation and reliable service. This is one weekend project you just can’t pass up.

Tired of feeling like you never get anything done around the house? Make a difference this weekend by completing some of these quick and easy home fixes and enjoy a refreshed space for you and your family.

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