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Six Simple Solutions for Organizing Your Most Disastrous Rooms

We've all heard the excuse "creative clutter" used when dealing with a mess and that there's nothing wrong with a pleasantly lived-in room. However, when the mess starts to build and diminish a room's natural space and appeal, it might be time to do a little organizing. Here's a simple breakdown guide to quickly getting any room in your house back in working order.

Adult Bedroom

Because bedrooms aren't generally on public display, it's easy to let a mess get out of hand. Clothing tends to be the biggest culprit, and the bulk of the problem can usually be found right in your closet. Go through your wardrobe, eliminate items you seldom wear, and organize the remaining garments by season. Rather than rely on the classic bar-and-top-shelf for hanging and storing clothing and shoes, look into installing multi-level shelves and hanging bars for more convenient sorting. If you are wondering how to organize a garage, this technique can work here as well. Use vertical shelving and extra wall space for more storage options and get any room tidy in no time.

Children's Bedroom 
Children's rooms arenearly impossible to keep tidy for long, and the key to encouraging organization is to make it fun. Children love having "homes" for their favorite toys, so install colorful wall organizers with picture-labeled compartments and shelf sections for specific toys, books, and personal effects. Install additional under-bed storage bins for larger items, and scaled down modifications of your own closet settings. Make tidying and cleaning part of the bedtime ritual to make it an automatic habit.

Living Room
Family rooms get a significant amount of traffic throughout the day, with each member of the household leaving their own bits of debris behind. Baskets, decorative trunks, and shelving units are clever and attractive ways to hold blankets, books, remote controls, and other commonly used items. Designate additional baskets or mats by the entrance for shoes to be placed on in order to avoid tracking in dirt or having them discarded in the living space.

A messy kitchen can be particularly bothersome as the accumulation of pots, pans, dishes, and food debris can quickly attract unwanted pests, molds, and odors. Make a point to wash and put away all dishes and cooking utensils after use, and keep cabinets organized accordingly. Clear out expired food items and use counter top canisters to hold frequently used ingredients such as flour, sugar, and coffee. Organize kitchen gadgets by the frequency of their use, and store the ones that tend to collect more dust than food.

Dining Room
Like the kitchen and living room, a dining room can not only accumulate food and cooking effects, but become an additional catchall for discarded personal items. Remove anything that belongs in other rooms of the house such as newspapers, mail, shopping bags, and toys. Make a rule that whatever gets dropped off in the dining room must be collected within the hour, and completely clear the dining table of anything that does not pertain to the next meal setting. Organize dining room drawers and cupboards according to frequently used dishes, cutlery, and linens, with more special occasion items placed out of the way.

A messy bathroom isn't just unsightly, but unhygienic. First and foremost, clean all surfaces weekly to both brighten and sanitize the space. Install overhanging bathtub shelves and additional units above the toilet and sink to hold toiletries and cosmetics, as this will keep everything organized in one place and prevent mold, dust, and soap scum from accumulating on non-shower items. 

Professional organizers often tell their clients that the most crucial step to organizing any space is elimination. A simple rule to follow is: If you haven't used it in six months, you probably never will. By giving each room a thorough sorting and getting rid of clothing, utensils, toiletries, books, and unwanted knickknacks, you'll instantly clear the way for easier placement and presentation of valued household items. 

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