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Some Markers that Your Auto Body Repair Shop Has Done the Task Well

The last time you saw your favorite car, it must have been in a shocking condition, all twisted and totally in a mess after the accident. It must be weeks later that your car is ready to be driven away from the auto body repair shop. You would simply require writing a check to pay up the repair bill and then you are good to go. Drive out with your favorite car now that it has been restored to its previous condition before the accident occurred.

But you must do a thorough inspection to find out that everything is as perfect under the surface and that all issues have been fixed properly. The best way of making sure that the repair job would be performed to perfection and as per your specifications is by entrusting the entire auto body repair job to a reputable and trustworthy shop in the very first place. However, you must still make it a point to do a thorough inspection before you consider driving away with your car.

Have a Clear-Cut Understanding

The restoration job on your accident-wrecked car would start the moment you leave it at the auto body repair shop. You need to have a clear understanding of what are the things that would be fixed by the shop. You must have everything written down. You must be having a clear concept of warranty offered by the auto body repair shop on the entire job. When you come back to the shop to collect your car, you must review the entire paperwork meticulously so that you make sure that all repairs to the minutest details have been done and done well.

Perfect Appearance

A renowned auto body repair facility would take the trouble of walking you through each and every step they have taken. Appearances do make a lot of difference. Make sure that your car has been washed thoroughly, vacuumed and cleaned properly before it is handed over to you. You should make sure that there is no dust or dirt in the car and certainly no old parts left behind in your trunk. Your car must be washed properly before you arrive at the shop for picking it up.A reliable auto body repair in NY would always make sure that a repaired car is in a sparkling clean condition before delivering it to the client.

Closer Inspection is a Must

If your car in general looks alright, you must try to check closely the areas that have been repaired. You must start by looking for any gaps present between the body panels. If the gaps seem uneven, then you get a clear indication that the panels were not rightly aligned. You must make sure that all the doors are opening and closing properly and with perfect alignment.

You must examine the exact distance between the fender and the tire. If it seems to be wider on one side and narrower on the other, there is still something wrong and needs to be fixed properly. One more important test would be turning on the car’s headlights for ensuring that all the light beams are in perfect alignment. You may inspect under your car to look for any ‘butcher marks’ left behind by poor repair work.


It may not be possible for you to spot all types of issues relating to repair work. You may not have the adequate knowledge or relevant expertise to identify still persisting issues even after the job seems to have been completed by the auto body repair shop. You may seek professional assistance from another experienced auto body repair facility for a second opinion. They would scrutinize your car and at once identify issues that ordinary people cannot identify on their own.

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