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Some of the top DIY jobs you can do when you move into a new house

So, you have recently moved into your brand-new home. Except, perhaps it's not so brand-new and there's plenty of work to do. There will be plenty of boxes to unload and you may have shipments left to come from somewhere else in the world and be wondering where on earth to fit the rest of your possessions.

This time, right here, is the time to start planning and drawing up a list of what you do from this point. Previous lists were probably focused on hiring a transport logistics company to help move stuff, whether it was across town or between Australia and New Zealand, but now you have a new set of problems to deal with.

It's important to get these jobs done and out of the way when you have the time, especially if you moved to a new city, say from Auckland in New Zealand to Brisbane in Australia. You will find it easier to get things done just after you make the move to Brisbane Australia and it will be easier to get focused on daily routines if you've finished your moved and are settled in. You can find more helpful guidance on

Having moved into a new home, you may well be a bit short of cash and probably don't want to be paying someone to do things you could do. With YouTube, it's possible to find out how to do most things, so this article we going to show you easiest ways to do some pretty simple things, like changing the locks on the doors, installing window blinds, refurbishing wood floors and so on. With this article, you should have more confidence that you are the man for the job.

Changing the locks on exterior doors

Where you have moved into your new home the first thing to do is to change the locks. You don't know which one relatives, neighbours, or ex-boyfriends and girlfriends had keys to the property. You can pay a locksmith to change the locks, but let's face it, it might be better to get it done on your own. Take a look at the following video to see how you can change the locks on doors. If it's too complicated, enlist the services of a locksmith, but if you can, give it a go.

Installing window blinds

Blinds can be pretty complex to get up. It's hard enough for some putting up the curtain poles. The important thing with blinds is getting the measurements right and doing good cuts if you have to trim the blinds. Putting up blinds shouldn’t really be a project you have to pay to have done, so here’s a video to show you some of the top tips on how to do it.

Renovating and buffing up hardwood floors

When you are met with floors with dents and scrapes and scratches it can be a bit intimidating. However, with a good, appropriate sanding machine, some good wood treatment and a bit of buffing you should have the floor done in a matter of hours. You'll probably want to rent a good sander from a local hardware store, but the job shouldn’t be particularly expensive.

If the wood is damaged then you may need a professional to cut out and replace and refurbish areas, but if there are just light scratches and scrapes then do the job yourself. Here’s a video showing how you can do justice to hardwood floors.

Checking your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

You won’t want to spend a single night in your house without checking everything is safe. You’ve done the locks; you need to do smoke alarms and carbon monoxide checks. Normally checking the smoke alarm is easy as pressing a button. It may need a new battery, and there may be several in the house. If you don't have a carbon monoxide detector buy one. Amazon is a great source. Watch the video below to find out how to check that these important systems are working.

Hanging wallpaper

There may be features you want to add to areas of a room and wallpaper may be the ideal solution. Hanging wallpaper is a pretty easy process to get right, but also easy to get wrong by getting the paste the wrong consistency and not having clean clear surfaces on which to work. Watch the video below to find out more about how to handle wallpaper the expert way.

Putting up shelves

With all that cargo coming over from your old place, and the imminent arrival sending shivers down your spine, it's time to get the shelves up in the living room and kitchen, and bedrooms and utility room and everywhere else, now that you have the time.

It can be difficult to get motivated to get the job done and can be a bit scary when you start drilling into woods. But the important thing is to know what type of wood you have so that you use the right fittings. If you do that, use a spirit level, that has good quality hardware, the job is a cinch. Watch the video below to see how to put up shelves on different types of wood.

DIY tasks in a new home are great fun when you have the right equipment and when you are proud of the job at the end. DIY can turn into a nightmare if you have knowledge gaps, and don’t have the skills and equipment needed. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand that some of the jobs that might seem out of your reach are fairly simple if you follow the right steps.

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