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Spring Cleaning the Cabin: Repairs and Maintenance for Longevity

Your cabin is your summer escape and your haven when you need to get away from it all. You should look at it with a critical eye every year as you dive into spring cleaning. As you open up the windows, remove dust covers, and restock, consider what your cabin needs to maintain it for years of future enjoyment. Don’t be afraid to invest in repairs. When you give your cabin tender loving care, it will give you a comfortable getaway you can count on.

Think About Insulation

In many cases, seasonal homes are built for warmer weather. They may lack the insulation needed to withstand fluctuations in temperature that can take you by surprise. If you are thinking about using your cabin in colder months or you want to take control of the temperature in your cabin, consider adding insulation. You have simple options, such as spray foam or foam board that can make your seasonal home more comfortable. Stop letting your heat or air conditioning slip through the cracks. You’ll find your cabin is more resistant to the cold and days when the temperature soars.

Inspect the Exterior of Your Cabin

Your seasonal home may be as cute as a button. That doesn’t mean it can’t use a little attention on a regular basis. A fresh coat of paint for your exterior can freshen it up. If you have any loose boards, take care of a repairs as needed. Don’t forget about the roof. A roof replacement service can help you to ensure your roofing is sound. If you need repairs or a new roof, the experts will discuss your options.

Inspect Your Windows

Your windows can have a major impact on your comfort in your seasonal home. If you have older windows, new windows will help you to control the climate in your home. You can also minimize the amount of harmful rays from the son that penetrate the interior. You’ll also love the way new windows can transform the appearance of your cabin.

Check for Any Structural Issues

Older seasonal homes will show their age eventually. A sagging porch, loose boards on your front steps, and a broken railing should get your attention. If your porch has seen better days, you have several options. You can repair it, replace it with a deck, or remove it. A patio is a simple fix that is inviting.

Don’t be afraid to make improvements to your seasonal home. Consider choosing one each year when you are opening the cabin for the season. Small changes will make a big difference over time, helping you to get more out of your haven.

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