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Springtime in the Mountains: 4 Seasonal Fixes for Your Cabin

Your cabin can be a great retreat, but you still need to maintain it. The spring is the perfect time to get all of those repairs completed before the summer heat is upon you. Here are some of the fixes that you should invest in for your cabin this spring.

Log Sealing

Resealing the logs of your cabin will work to prevent water intrusion and other damage from forming. Select a sealant that is easy to apply and will last for at least a year. There are several options that even offer water repellent properties so that the wood can last as long as possible. As a part of your sealing efforts, make sure that there aren't any areas of rot that you need to address. Tackling minor areas of concern is easier to handle than having to replace everything.

Insect Damage Repair

Another repair that can prove to be beneficial is to check for insect damage. In particular, termites are the worst offenders because they can eat your cabin right out from underneath you. Performing preventative insect treatments may be the way to go if you live in the woods. You don't want those nasty bugs deciding to take up residence in your cabin. As a part of inspecting for insect damage, you may also want to caulk any gaps that have occurred in your siding over the winter months.

Roofing Needs

The type of roof that you have on your cabin will dictate the level of maintenance that will be required on it each year. Looking into roofing services will help you to ensure that your roof is ready for the next season. You can speak with a professional about any type of roofing concerns that you may be experiencing. Having someone who's an expert in your roofing needs will take one more thing off of your to do list.

Foundation Inspection

Your foundation is important to the stability of your home. When you have a log cabin, this foundation inspection process becomes vitally important. You don't want dirt and other types of debris to collect around the base of your foundation. This could cause your siding to rot out or allow insects an easy point of entry. Ensure that you have at least six inches of clearance between the dirt and the bottom of your siding.

There are lots of things that you'll need to do around your cabin in order to get ready for spring. Start with this list so that you can make some headway on the really important items.

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