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Well folks, in just five days we'll finally be able to say buh-bye to winter and officially welcome the spring season! But, here at Home Buyer Publications, we've already started working on our summer issues of the magazines, which means that we're spending our days writing about some of my favorite things: weekend cabins, beautiful back yards, gardening and landscaping, and summer vacations spent with family and friends. You know, all that great stuff that made you want to build a log home in the first place.

So, my questions to you: What are you most excited about now that the warm weather is on its way? How do you plan on celebrating the summer season? And, my favorite, what are your best log home summer memories? In case you missed it last year, you can read about mine here.

Can't wait to hear what you have to share!

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Comment by Sara Brown on March 17, 2009 at 11:23am
It's rainy and cold in Virginia today, but reading your log home memories has helped to warm me up a bit! Summer is on its way!
Comment by Shad on March 17, 2009 at 11:13am
Gettin' on the motorcycle and riding through the beautiful Virginia and West Virginia countryside. I'm sure I'll find a log home display home or two to visit as well.

My favorite log home memories are visiting my dad's old college roommate's cabin outside of Payson, AZ, in the White Mountains. It wasn't a pristine log home as you see in today's magazines; it was pretty much a cabin, a weekend getaway (which they eventually moved to full time), full of cast off furniture, old cars and trucks on the lot, an Airstream trailer and cabin cruiser boat out back, and, best of all, a treehouse that spanned two trees via a sturdy bridge. Growing up, this was heaven! I remember the smell of the place; wood, dust, spring, trees, living things.

Not your typical log home memory, but certainly one of my favorites. As I have so few, it's cherished!
Comment by Kelly on March 17, 2009 at 11:07am
The picture says it all! We are all so ready for spring. We have had a long cold, and snowy winter. I saw a robin over the weekend so this must mean that spring is coming soon!

Comment by Tom Heatherington on March 16, 2009 at 6:44pm
Sara... if that's not a photo of Montana, I'll move out tomorrow :-)

Your photo says it all for me (and Rita's comments above summarize my feelings), seeing some green, spring wild flowers, majestic mountains and wild rivers of snowmelt occupies my daydreams. We've had a cold, snowy winter and we're all ready for spring.
Comment by Rita Hickey on March 16, 2009 at 11:32am
As I sit here and watch it snow, my memory and imagination are what I have to rely on at this point. Also, thank goodness for all the pictures my husband takes of the outdoors, so I know I am not crazy! What am I most excited about, seeing something green real soon. After the snow melts, I will be seeing the ground for the first time in 5 months(so far). But it doesn't take long after the melt to see the most outrageous and surreal blanket of wildflowers. Purples, yellows, orange, white and the prize red and green of the Indian Paint. It is a gift of vibrance for all the shades of gray and white of winter. The birds are coming back. And even those who do not live here, migrate through central Montana stay a few days. When this snow is gone, I will go out and survey the cabin and the fencing for repairs from some seriously harsh weather. I can take the chains off my ATV and use if for adventure instead of plowing. Our creek will begin to show through the snow and I am excited to see if the iris I planted last fall near its edge have made it through the winter. I dream of campfires and basking in solitude and lush surroundings. Listening to the trickle of water going by. Our friends back east are waiting to find out when Willie Nelson will be doing his charity show in Red Lodge so they can make flight arrangements. As they say here in Mt., it is nine months of winter and three months of relatives. But I am just fine with that. I am waiting for the morning I wake up and hear moo's off in the distance, which means the cows are coming back to graze. Everything and everybody taking part in a ritual of rebirth. It is intense and too short. That is Montana. And we love it. Before we lived here, we would say upon our return from vacation, that we were homesick 300 days of the year. My favorite memory.......when we crossed the border from South Dakota to Montana, finally to stay for good. A dream come true. Our pick up full of stuff with only room for the driver and a passenger. At last!

And so it goes, year after year, still the same, still brand new.




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