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Summer Repairs: 3 Home Adjustments To Make Long Before Winter

Summer isn’t just good for swimming and barbeques. It’s also good for making home repairs and adjustments that should happen long before winter arrives. After all, working in the nice summer weather is almost always preferable to working in the cold. Plus, it gives you plenty of time to bring in professional help if you discover you need it.


Weather Stripping and Gap Sealing

Poor weather stripping and gaps put a big dent in your home’s thermal envelope. Fortunately, weather stripping and gap sealing are DIY-friendly. Plus, the supplies are inexpensive. For weather sealing, you usually use a foam or felt self-stick tape or v-strip. Gap sealing around door and window frames can be done with paintable caulk for small gaps. Expanding foam works well for larger gaps. Just applying some weather stripping and sealing gaps can save you 10-15% in energy costs.


HVAC Maintenance

The middle of winter is not the time to discover that your furnace is having issues. Depending on where you live, it could even be a life-threatening problem. Unlike weather stripping, HVAC maintenance is a job that should always be handled by professional companies like Green Air Inc. In addition to checking and servicing the actual unit, they also need to check the electrical connections and any natural gas or propane connections. In short, it takes technical expertise to really identify the problems. The upshot is that annual maintenance extends the life of your equipment, improve efficiency and keeps energy costs down.


Gutter Rehab

You know you should be cleaning them out regularly, but gutters are easy to overlook. They just hang out on the side of your house. If your gutters get clogged, though, it can mean big trouble during the winter. If ice builds up along the gutter, it can contribute to ice dams. Ice dams cause water to leak into attics and walls, which can cause very expensive damage. Basic gutter cleaning is the first line of defense. If you find that your gutters are damaged, gutter replacements are also a DIY-friendly project. You can generally do them with a drill, a hacksaw, and some silicone sealant.


Some home repairs can be put off until you have time to do them, but some should happen before winter arrives. Weather stripping, HVAC maintenance, and gutter rehab are on that list. By doing them during the summer, you take advantage of the nice weather. You also give yourself time to deal with it if you need more complicated or expensive repairs.

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