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In light of the fact that it is The National Day of Unplugging (observed from sunset on Friday, March 23, to sunset on Saturday, March 24), which I know many log home and cabin owners are likely more than happy to do on any given day to unwind and reconnect with the outside world, I’m curious to what degree you all have found technology to be actually be advantageous in your quest for information surrounding construction, financing, land, etc., for your dream place.


We’ve touted different online tools in the past, both in Country’s Best Cabins and Log Home Living, for a variety of home-design aspects that we've found to be particularly insightful, but I’d be interested to hear what tools or resources (websites, downloads, iPhone/iPad/Android applications, etc.) current and prospective owners have found to be the most helpful during the process. On the flip side, is there anything you felt was lacking in your search that would have been particularly useful to you? 

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Comment by Whitney Richardson on April 1, 2012 at 7:59pm

Thanks for your comment, John. Websites are definitely a research tool (some better than others, as I'm sure the librarian in you can attest). We're glad to hear that one of ours has been of assistance to you.

Part of my asking also was to see how readers are using new technology outlets (like the apps noted above) to assist in their search, so I'll be curious to hear any additional comments along those lines as well.

Comment by John Duke on March 27, 2012 at 12:51am

As a librarian, I am deeply embedded with information technology daily. I follow a number of blogs and technology news. In addition to, I find very useful as a cabin-specific site. Beyond that, I am likely to do searching across the web or in academic databases for information at the point-of-need. Most of what I seek is not specific to log cabins, so I am usually going to go broad in my search, which I then apply to my situation.

I am not sure this really gets to what you are driving at. Let me know!


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