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The Importance of Maintaining the Roof Over Your Head Every 10 Years

The roof of your cabin is probably its most important feature. Yet because we are rarely on the roof and may not even be able to see it very well, we often neglect it. A lack of attention to the roof can cause all kinds of problems, and that’s why it’s critical to keep a regular maintenance schedule for it. Here are some specifics about why good roof maintenance is important.

Warranty Protection

Many cabins include a warranty that covers expenses associated with unexpected roof repair. These warranties may be invalidated by a lack of proper maintenance. You must do all you can to prevent a problem with the roof; if issues still develop, the warranty will kick in. If you’ve neglected it, the warranty is likely to be void. Just as your car warranty won’t cover a blown motor caused by lack of oil changes, a roof warranty won’t allow you to just let your roof fall apart.


Of course, the main purpose of the roof is to keep water out of the home. By the time you see water damage on ceilings or in the attic, you’re already backed into a corner. Having professional roofers climb up and check things out can help you catch small leaks before they turn into big, expensive ones.

Cosmetic Value

A good roof is a major selling point when a home is on the market, and not just because it shows the roof is keeping the interior dry. A good roof simply makes the home look better. To keep your home in top value for a potential sale or even to leverage a home equity loan, you should keep the roof properly maintained and repair it as needed.

Buying Power

If you wait to work on your roof until you have serious problems, you are at the mercy of contractors. The company you want may be too booked to take your job in time, leaving you to hire the second (or third, or fourth) choice. Moving far down the list of options generally involves a big drop in quality of workmanship--and a big jump in price. Finding roof issues ahead of time lets you shop around for not just the roofer but also the materials that you want.

Insurance Coverage

Many homeowners’ policies require occasional inspections. If one of these reveals concerns about the roof, you may be required to make repairs within a certain length of time or risk losing coverage. Once again, this puts you on a timeline that’s beyond your control and leaves you with fewer options about the work.

We all pay a lot of attention to things like carpet and paint, but a deteriorating roof is a far more pressing issue. Regular maintenance and inspections will keep you in charge of your roof.

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