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The Old Home: Why Your Furnace Needs a Tune-up Before Winter

As you see the winter start to move in, there are likely more than a few things on your “honey-do” list. Right at the top of that list should be making sure your furnace has been checked and tuned up. This is especially true if your furnace is 20 years old or older because there is bound to be at least something that could be tuned up.


Find Dangers like Gas Leaks

This one might seem like a no-brainer but the fact of the matter is that most people think that if their furnace fires up, then it’s probably running right. The fact of the matter is there might be a tube or pipe cracked or broken you’re going to want to double check. This is why you need to get someone like Custom Comfort to come out and give your furnace a professional once-over. They’ll know the signs of something inside not working properly or gas leaking out.


Keeps Your Warrant Valid

If you have 15 or 20-year warranty on your furnace and it is still active then you are going to want to make sure you are getting annual maintenance. In some instances, the warranties require that you get the annual maintenance.


Reduce Your Energy Bill

You may not realize it, but a furnace that is not in working order can mean big time costs in a number of different ways. Among those ways is to make sure that you are getting proper maintenance every year. There are some studies that seem to show that you can save up to 30 percent on your energy bills every year as long as you make annual maintenance calls. This is especially important when it comes to the time of year when you are going to be running it nearly all day long.


Making Sure Wires are All Connected

While you want to make sure that there aren’t any gas leaks coming from your furnace, you also want to make sure all the wires are connected. When it comes to those, the worry is more about a fire than carbon monoxide. You’ll want someone to come and make sure that everything is connected and connected correctly.


People often avoid getting an annual tune-up on their furnace because they don’t want to spend what it will cost to get that maintenance. The bottom line is not getting the tune-up will cost more. That cost could either be financially or safety wise but it will cost.

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