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The right way for scrubbing and carpet cleaning

There is no doubt - if you begin scrubbing throughout the entire stain - you can spread out the dirt all over the carpet or over a larger area. Avoid making a bigger mess by the following advices and ideas for spot cleaning carpets and rugs.

Locate every stain onto the carpets before beginning with the house cleaning. A thorough inspection might be needed. Start the inspection by removing all the big and small objects that are located onto the floor or the ones that cover the carpet area. This will give you plenty of free space to spot the dirty areas with just a blink of the eye. Determining the degree of staining, however, is the difficult part. Enhance the attention over the areas that sea the heaviest foot traffic such as around the dining table, the chairs, the sofa, the beds, etc. These areas might have just some indentations due to the weight of the objects, but they might also be darker or greasy. The areas right in front of the doors are also important to keep in mind. Check out the condition of all the carpets in all the rooms in the house and so you can easily choose the right cleaning methods, as well as whether a hard scrubbing is needed, a simple dabbing with a clean cloth should be enough or maybe pre-vacuuming is the perfect solution just to make the carpets fluffier.

Then, apply the cleaning solution onto the heavily soiled spots and let it soak up for a few minutes. A paste solution may require some rubbing to reach the base of the fibers. If you choose to clean with a dry foam cleaning machine - just dry scrub the stains with a soft brush, which should prepare them for a further treatment.

The difficult part is when the carpet looks like it is clean and yet it have some small dirty areas. Spot cleaning is the perfect choice in this case and you should use your favorite cleaning detergent. The spots should be cleaned by rubbing from the outer side to the center by applying fast circular motions. This will prevent the dissolved dirt to spread out over a larger area, as well as concentrate it in a smaller area to make it easier for removal.

A grooming brush is the right tool for scrubbing dislodged dirt from small spots. Use a brush with shorter fibers when scrubbing carpets with shorter fibers and vice-versa. An old toothbrush might be another useful tool if don`t have a special grooming brush for carpet cleaning. Just make sure that you don`t use a metal brush in order to clean truly heavily and persistent spots.

Be more careful when rubbing carpets with natural fibers, as well as Oriental and vintage carpets. Most of them are hand-knotted and rubbing with a brush is not recommended, because the dissolving power of the detergent softens the fibers and the brush can damage the delicate fibers. In this case - use only a soft fabric towel for scrubbing and even just dabbing only might be a better solution.

Scrubbing with a sponge is another great idea, which is also great for damping the spot with the detergent. Yet the sponge has much greater absorbing qualities than the brush and so the right way to prevent the carpet from a bigger mess is to change constantly the water in the bowl. Make always sure to dab or scrub with a clean rinsed sponge.

For a complete removal of the dislodged dirt – use a plastic spatula. It is perfect for scrubbing small remaining traces of the dirt, as well as for getting rid of the dirt from the very bases of the fibers.

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