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Tiling and Toiling: 4 Cabin Updates for a Distinctive Look

When you want to update your cabin, you should create a distinctive appearance with special design elements. There are a variety of materials that you can add to your house in different rooms to have a cabin that has a unique look. Consider using one or more of these cabin updates.

Marble Countertops

Natural marble countertops are perfect for the bathroom of a home, and this material will impress your guests. Each piece of a marble countertop is 100% unique because it was created by nature. You can visit a store that has marble slabs so that you can choose the best color or pattern for your cabin’s bathroom. A technician will measure carefully to cut the marble properly so that it will look fantastic in a master or guest bathroom.

Metal Embellishments for Your Cabin

You can find an assortment of metal embellishments for your cabin, including a fireplace screen, railings along the staircases or wall hangings. There are also metallic ceiling or wall lamps that can add an interesting ambience to a room. In a kitchen, you can choose beautiful hardware, such as hinges, knobs and drawer pulls for the cabinets. Some of the metals that are used for a cabin’s embellishments may have a golden or a silver color, and many of the metallic items are etched with designs.

Natural Floor Tiles

Rather than installing carpeting or hardwood flooring in your cabin, you can choose natural sandstone tile for an entranceway. You can choose rough tiles for the hallway, but you may prefer smooth or polished tiles for a kitchen or a bathroom. It is possible to seal the stone tiles to protect the materials from the damages of spilled food or moisture. In addition to white and tan, you can find tiles made from yellow, brown, or red sandstone. Make sure to hire an expert to install the natural floor tiles with the proper adhesives.

Create a Living Wall

A living wall will give your cabin a distinctive appearance. This type of design element involves have a wall that is covered with live green plants. You can find special planters to attach to a wall so that you can grow lush ivy plants with dangling strands of green leaves. Alternatively, it is possible to grow green grass in a flat living wall. You will need to learn how to care for the living wall correctly to keep the plants in the healthiest condition.

Last, when you have a strict budget, you can use a variety of colors of paint to create an interesting design on a wall in your cabin’s family room or a bedroom.

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