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Trimming Landscape: How to Have the Best Looking Yard in Your Neighborhood

Having a great looking yard is a source of pride to most homeowners. A good looking yard shows that you care about your property. To your neighbors and passersby, your yard indicates a respect for your entire neighborhood. These tips can help you to have a fantastic looking yard all year long.

Lawn Mowing
Set the blades of your lawnmower to 2.5 to 3 inches. When grass is maintained at this height, it is able to develop deep and strong root systems. Deeper roots mean that your lawn has a greater level of resistance to disease and pests. Each spring and fall, aerate your lawn. Aeration helps to reduce thatch, which is the dead grass that is leftover after mowing. Aeration also minimizes the soil compaction that results from walking around on the lawn.

Tree Care
Another important aspect of maintaining a good looking yard is caring for your trees. Trees should be planted away from your home's foundation, driveway and sidewalk. Any tree branches touching your home's roof should be trimmed by professionals such as those at Smitty's Tree Service Inc. An annual tree inspection is also important so that diseases and pests can be identified and treated.

Fertilizing the Lawn
Autumn is the best time of the year to fertilize the lawn. Fertilizing the lawn during this season allows the nutrients to be taken up at a slow and steady pace. The fertilizer also strengthens the grass and helps to prepare it for dormancy during the winter months of the year. If your lawn or grass type requires it, an early season fertilizer can be applied in the springtime.

The goal of watering your lawn is to make sure that the water reaches the maximum depth of the roots of the grass. For most lawns, about 1 inch of water every three to five days is ideal. You may need to probe your soil to check its moisture content. Watering in the evening helps to minimize the evaporation and gives the lawn, shrubs and trees a chance to soak up the water. Over-watering can be as dangerous as under-watering.

It only takes a few hours per week to maintain the best yard in the neighborhood. You may gain a great sense of satisfaction and pride when you see the lush, green growth of your lawn. If you do not have the time to do all the work yourself, a reputable service company may be able to help.

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