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We are on our way for out first step, our garage. We have what we think is a good price now all we have to do is save for a spring time build. We have 4 quotes from different log home suppliers that range from $80,000 - $120,000, now we have to take a close look at what their "complete" kit includes. We are having our garage builder take a look at our plans for the log home as he has build two log homes that were not from kits. Still looking at ways to cut some costs with the kitchen, flooring, etc. We do have our own electrician that is a "very" good friend.

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Comment by WHISPERING PINES LOG HOMES, INC. on January 13, 2010 at 4:39pm
Mr Leavitt, I am glad to see you are going to carefully go through the complete shell packages, as we have seen shipping nationwide there can be a significant difference between them. Here are a few things to watch for:1. truss/roof engineering- some companies use their "standard" roof system which in their main/typical building region may meet your areas building codes and cost you addition costs from their "standard". 2. Windows watch them same thing, even if you do not have a governing window or energy code they still may not be as efficient as you would like. And what is their specs, metal clad- wood interior, all wood,vinyl... 3. What profile log they used for your estimate, companies have used their "standard" which may not have the correct depth (thickness) for a home in a northern state. 3. Insulation- Make sure their value of insualtion meets your required code. 4. Dried or "green" logs. Green logs will typically need more inspection and adjustment and more detailed trimming and finishing due to settlement, there is generally more potential work for the customer and if the green package use choose needs chinking, get costs on this. We know the difference, typically we use a dried system but can and have used "green" especially if we are building a hand-scribed instead of a milled system. 4. See if the package includes any finishing material such as exterior stain and/or caulking. 5. Soffits and Covered porches- what is the under-side finishing material, tongue and groove wood, metal, aluminum, I have seen some with a standard plywood that they recommend you stain for a finish product, there can be definate cost and quality/fiinished differences. Decking: what parts/if any are included in their standard package. And if they are what is the standard material used. Cedar, green-treated, a composite decking or or Not at all?? I hope this information proves useful in your look to finding you dream log home! Best Wishes! The Whispering PinesTeam!
Comment by Thomas J Leavitt on November 29, 2009 at 2:40pm
We definately do want a "stressed" or "rustic" look. We will go with wide pine boards in our room over the garage. We have a little time to think about our log home. Thanks for your comment.
Comment by Kelly R on November 29, 2009 at 11:30am
I have pine floors that I love but let me tell you one little thing....I have two big dogs and my floors look like they've been distressed. I'm thrilled with that because my little log home looks like it's been back here forEVER.

Funny, I just wrote this and then glanced down and saw the last comment about the dogs. Definitely check into this if you don't want your floors scarred. I like the look but some people won't and the pine is just so soft.

And it's not just their nails that make a difference, their pads are like little sandpapers.

So, My suggestion is to either A) decide that you like the distressed look of pine floors or B) use something much tougher than pine.
Comment by Thomas J Leavitt on November 28, 2009 at 6:24pm
We do plan to do wide pine board floors in our room over the garage, actually random width. I do plan to do these by myself as well. In our log home we are looking forward to potentially dealing with Carlisle Flooring in NH. Our concerns with both of these floors is our dogs. We have a little Pug as does one of our sons, the other son has a Lab, those nails, even if trimmed do a job. I'm sure there are people there that have dogs, any suggestions?
Comment by Thomas J Leavitt on November 24, 2009 at 5:42pm
Let me rephrase my last update. We have 4 quotes for the log home not the garage. The garage is coming in around 40,000 for a 24 x 28 with a room upstairs for us to live in while we build the log home in 3 years. Sorry for the confusion.
Comment by BoxerLady on November 24, 2009 at 3:25pm
I'm alittle confused, so please bare with me. How big is this garage? And why log? Are you planning on living in it or something while the log home is built? Have you ever considered log siding with false log corners? Waaay less than a full log garage.
I always mention that to my customers - I always want to save on build budget.
I do congratulate you on your accomplishment, and not here to bash anything. Just trying to help you see a different picture. -BoxerLady
Comment by Thomas J Leavitt on November 4, 2009 at 6:54pm
Thanks Tim for the advice, we are still 3 years away from the Log home but actively looking at everything involved with our dream. Do you have any recommendations as far as log suppliers are concerned? Thanks again
Comment by Tim Bullock on November 4, 2009 at 6:20pm
Thomas, Good for you.......My always free advice......Look at the quotes very, very carefully!!!!!
eg. Are the windows and doors a national brand that enables you to get warranty work?
eg. If they are including the subfloor.....what is amount of deflection allowed in the floor joists?
1/240 or 1/360? Be aware of trampoline floors.
eg. What is really included in the roof insulation?
eg. What kind of warranty on the included shingles? 15/25/35/40 year?? I always calculate that you deduct 5 years from the actual warranty for replacement time.

I just returned for the LHL Show in Chantilly and was surprised at the misinformation out there.

Nevertheless, I wish you every success with your project.

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