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Hello everyone! I am new to this community and I am hoping that someone may be able to provide recommendations to us. My husband and I have lived in our log home now for 4 years. The previous owners did us no favors that's for sure. We have invested $30,000 into our home since purchasing. Over $12,000 of that has been in maintenance type issues alone. Anyways, I am at the point of desperation.

I am trying to research now before summer hits, but we have always had a wasp problem. This past year was the worst and it was wasps and yellow jackets both getting in our home. 10+ a day. This included in our newborn daughters room. ANXIETY! For the love of us we cannot pinpoint where they are getting in. We have the home exterminated 3x a year and last year it was more like 5. Just what I want, a crap ton of chemicals sprayed. Who in this community has dealt with this problem? How did you solve it? I am desperate for any advice and or recommendations! No clue if it's our windows, our seems whenever I reach out to anyone they are no help and tell me unless I sit on the roof all day I will never quite know. Well obviously I can't sit on the roof all day. 

We looked into have an infrared scan done but they are costly and the company told us they couldn't guarantee that would pinpoint bee entrances. 

I greatly appreciate anyones advice, recommendations, solutions, etc. 

Thank you all.

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