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Well, it’s been a couple more weeks and while things were slow with the builder, they certainly were not slow out at the site! We got the well finished and hooked up, and it appears we have lots of water and water of fairly decent quality. We ended up drilling 460 feet, but believe we have over 30 gallons a minute. Since we hit water around 200, that gives us 240 feet of reservoir to hold water. We’ve used a lot lately and haven’t run it dry yet. We posted some pics of the final drilling and the handy little machine used to drop the pump down the hole. As well, there is a good pic of the well pump, it’s about 3 ½ feet long, which is fairly big for residential wells we’re told. (?)

We got the porch footer poured as well the same morning the well was finished, so that was a good day. After that, the weather forecast looked good, so we jumped on getting the logs cleaned up in preparation for staining. Before the stain though, we treated the logs with a borate solution to prevent rot and some bugs. Hopefully it helps! Then we did the staining. It took a couple of days, but in the end, it looks pretty well. A few runs and some areas soaked more stain into the logs after a few days, so it looks like we might need another light coat some day. Hopefully we can make that happen before all the windows and the roof goes on.

Speaking of roofs, it was delivered as well. It came on a tractor trailer and was interesting watching them hoist it off. It’s sitting there ready to go, so once they get those porches on, the roof is ready to go. Since the footers were poured, the porch was ready to go too. We got the stain on in an off week when the builder wasn’t on site. They showed up the following Monday and started the porch and with one week and a day of progress on the porch and they have all the decking on and the majority of the timbers to support the roof.

The plumber showed up and roughed in the drains and vent lines for us, so now we need to get the water lines run. Being doing a lot of research on what we want to use, so hopefully we make up our minds soon and can get it done. We also met with a local carpenter and went over our thoughts for a kitchen with him. We’re waiting to see what he comes up with and then we can decide if it fits the budget or not!

Check back soon, we hope to make a bunch of progress over the next couple of weeks! The windows are delivered and ready to go in, as is the roofing and all the porches, so . . . . . .

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Comment by CharisB on August 12, 2010 at 11:00am
That's a lot accomplished! Just a quick note about the stain: it's pretty common to have a few areas look a slightly different color after staining new wood. I'm not sure whose stain you used, but at Sashco, we will recommend that people do an inspection 12-18 mos. after initial staining & apply more stain to those areas that may have taken more than others & caused the color discrepancy. From there, it's just simple maintenance throughout the years. But wait until that 12-18 mos. has passed, as more areas may show up in that time. You might as well do all the touch-ups at one time.

Enjoy this process. Your home is beautiful (and it looks like your dog is taking it all in a stride). :-)

-- Charis w/ Sashco - -

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