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What I did on my summer vacation!

Well we finally got to do some real building. We started out doing Girders and floor joists. The Girders were quite a bit of work as we had some really hot weather and working on that concreat got really hot. The longest Girder was over 40 feet long and we actually had to use the backhoe to set it in place. Finally we began building floor joists and little by little, (or should i say 16 inches at a time). We finally had a framed floor.

Then we finally moved on to the subfloor. My wife became a professional subfloor "screwerdowner", as my Father and i glued and set the sheets down. Once the subfloor was finished we finally go to start stacking Logs!!!! The was pretty darn exciting to actually see it start looking like a log home. All of this was in 2 weeks worth of time as I had two weeks off from work. Now we will be back to the nights and weekends schedule.

You can see all of this taking place in my latest two photo albums.

Along the way, I finally got the septic tank delivered.

We bought the tank from

Robert N Taplin Septic Tanks of Derby, VT 05829.

We were quoted a price and paid for the tank in advance. They then noticed that the tank was one hundred dollers more and verbally said they would just ignore the difrence since we also bought a presby enviormental system from them. However upon delivery they went back on their word and demanded the hundred dollers and 13 dollers tax on that hundred bucks.

WARNING: Always get things in wrighting when dealing with Robert N Taplin Septic Tanks from Derby VT, otherwise they will not live up to their word on things. Once we paid the money, they nearly fliped the delivery truck since the "New guy" was runnning the crane. He also nearly lost all of his fingers as he placed them in between the two tank halfs when lowering the top half of the tank down. A very unprofessional company, I will never deal with them again.

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