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Why You Should Put a Tile Roof on Your Cabin This Year

One of the most important parts of a cabin is the roof. The roof helps to protect the rest of the structure from the elements. Without it, it would not be a shelter at all. It also makes a big impact on the visual impressions others get of the cabin. The right roof helps create its overall aesthetic. Choosing a roof for a cabin can be difficult. There are so many choices. However, one option you should consider is installing a tile roof. Here are some of the benefits tile can provide.

Tile Lasts a Very Long Time

A roof is not something you want to have to replace every few years. Sadly, certain options like asphalt shingles aren’t designed to last forever and may need to be replaced every ten years or so. This is not the case with a tile roof. If installed correctly, a tile roof could last for up to 100 years under the right conditions.

It is Extremely Durable

Certain kinds of roofs degrade over time. Wood roofs, for example, can begin to rot after several years. They are also prone to damage created by insects or other pests. Tile roofing, however, will not have these problems. It’s extremely durable and impervious to many different kinds of damage that plague other roofs.

Tile is Environmentally-Friendly

Certain kinds of roofs are created from chemical processes that release pollution into the atmosphere. This is not the case for a tile roof. The tile used is created from natural materials including earth minerals. As such, it can be safely recycled if it ever needs to be removed. The tiles can also do the job of helping to regulate the heat inside the cabin due to their thermal mass.

Tile is Maintenance-Free

Other kinds of roofs require some level of maintenance. This is not the case for a tile roof. Due to how sturdy they are, it is very unlikely a roof tile will break and need to be replaced. It would require something like a meteor strike to do so. Tile roofs also rarely leak. If you don’t want to go up on your cabin’s roof at any point to perform maintenance on it, tile is an excellent choice.

Overall, put a lot of thought into the kind of roof you install on your cabin. Certainly consider installing a tile roof. Tile roofs are strong, long lasting, environmentally friendly and low maintenance. It may be the perfect choice.

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