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Winter Weathering: 3 Property Pieces that Will Need Post-Snow Maintenance

While winter is considered a magical time of feasting, gift-giving, and family bonding, it’s not the most forgiving season for your home or your property. Once you’ve survived the frigid winter season, you may want to spend the first days of spring assessing your property for signs of latent winter damages. Here are some of the areas where you can begin your assessment.



Depending on the type of material of which your roof is made, it has a varying degree of tolerance for cold weather and wet snow. Heavy snow can sit on your roof and begin to overload the truss, or framework, of your roof. The truss of your roof is actually attached to the inner framework of your home. So, if your roof is overloaded and begins to put extreme pressure on the truss, you may notice damage occurring within your house such as cracked drywall, leaking pipes, or sagging ceilings.


To help prevent this from being an issue, hire a professional snow removing company to remove the snow from your roof after a heavy snowfall. You may also want to hire a professional roof inspector to inspect your roof for damages after the winter season ends and perform any maintenance your roof may require.



Heavy snow on your roof can cause havoc with your gutters as well. As the sun melts the snow during the day, it drips down into your gutters. Once night falls, that melted snow freezes into ice and forms icicles. These can be rather heavy and hang down from your gutters, ultimately loosening the fixtures keeping your gutters attached to your roof. After winter fades, you may want to hire a roofing professional to inspect your gutters for any damages, loose fixtures, or blockages.



The way snow and ice affect your fence really depends on the type of material of which it’s made. Wooden fences tend to be more vulnerable to winter damage than other fences due to the abundant amount of moisture in the air. Although sturdy and strong, chain link fences and iron bar fences can be adversely affected by harsh winter conditions.


The constant freezing and thawing of the soil around the fence posts can compromise the soil’s integrity. Should you find that your fence posts are loose or leaning, call a professional fence repair service like City Wide Fence Co immediately. If not repaired in a timely manner, the damage could worsen and lead to a collapse of an entire section of your fence.


Additionally, you may also want to give your pipes a thorough inspection after winter ends. The frigid temperatures of the winter season can cause unprotected pipes to crack or even burst. Even if you experienced no disruption of your indoor water supply, there might still be visible signs of weakness in your pipes that general maintenance will help you to find early.

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