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Worth It: 3 Home Staples You’ll Be Happy You Spent Extra For

As fun as it can be to get your home setup just the way you like it, it can also quickly become expensive. You can save yourself some money by looking for sales and shopping at discount stores or even thrift stores, but with certain items, it makes sense to spend extra and get something of higher quality. Here are three of the home staples that are worthy of a bigger investment.


Your Bed

One of the best ways to decide how much to spend on certain items is by how much you use them. Something you use every day is obviously a bigger priority than something you use once in a blue moon. That’s why it’s well worth it to spend extra and get yourself an amazing bed.


You’re going to be spending about one-third of your life in bed, depending on your sleeping habits. It’s probably the piece of furniture you’ll use the most, and how you sleep will have a significant impact on your overall health. When you get a good night’s sleep, you feel better in the morning and throughout the day. If your dream bed costs a bit extra, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.


Your Living Room Furniture

In most households, people spend quite a bit of time in the living room. It’s where you hang out with your guests, and if you enjoy sitting in front of the TV, you’ll definitely be in your living room often. It makes sense to find a good company to buy your furnishings from and get high-quality pieces for your living room. Not only will you be more comfortable there, but it will look better when you invite people over. Be sure to visit a showroom or retailer like West Coast Living so you can get a good feel for the furniture before you buy it.


Your Coffeemaker

There’s nothing like being able to whip up your own caffeinated beverages whenever you want, which is why it’s nice to get a good coffee maker with useful extras, such as an espresso maker and a milk frothing nozzle. And even though a coffeemaker costs you money, when you can make your own delicious coffees and lattes, you won’t need to buy them on a regular basis.


Sometimes it can be good to save your money, but you also need to know when to spend it. If you’re getting a staple that you’ll be using often and for a long time, including the three items above, go ahead and splurge.

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