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Your Log Home Could Land You in Legal Trouble

Most owners of log homes do not seem them as being hazardous. They see a modest, comfortable home built in an area that few people visit. This misconception about rural living could land you or someone you know in legal trouble if an accident occurs. Know why it's necessary to prepare yourself for possible legal actions.

The Hazards of Rural Living

A rural lifestyle combines a mixture of peace and comfort with danger and uncertainty. Common dangers are falling trees, severe weather and attacks from wild animals. In addition, the interior of a log home is not entirely safe. Accidents occur often in old log homes that are in need of structural repairs.

Anyone can enter a home and experience a slip and fall that leads to a serious injury, which is then followed by a lawsuit. You want to avoid getting sued for an amount that you cannot pay and face having to foreclose the home.

The Difficulty of Assigning Responsibility

In many liability cases, neither side is entirely certain about who is to blame for an accident. The injured party may claim that an unrepaired floor caused the accident; however, the reality is that the plaintiff acted irresponsibly by running through the house or not wearing corrective lenses that day.

No one can assume that the court will rule in the homeowner's favor. Prevent the possibility of lawsuits from forming in order to avoid the possibility of losing a case. 

The Importance of Liability Insurance for Homeowners

Obtain homeowner's liability insurance that covers your home and its contents. If you operate a business out of your home, find a similar policy. The homeowner is responsible for ensuring everyone's safety, but you should not lose your savings to cover legal fees and medical bills. 

Get Professional Advice

Insurance adjusters are financially incentivized to help you reduce property risk. Many attorneys specialize in liability cases that involve slips and falls in all types of environments. Get advice on how to make your property safer, how to obtain liability insurance, how to respond to a lawsuit and when to make a settlement.

No place in a rural, suburban or urban setting has a guarantee of total safety. Slips and falls occur in any setting as long as floors are uneven and people don't pay attention. Find protection with liability insurance that is affordable and provides coverage at $200,000 or more. You cannot prevent accidents from happening altogether, but you can protect your assets as the homeowner.

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