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Your Roof, Your Way: Unique Roof Designs to Consider for Your Home

The roof is usually the last thing people think of when they’re designing a new home. However, it’s actually the most important. Your roof is literally the finishing touch on your house. It makes any aesthetic complete, and with so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits yours.

Modern Art

Calling Frank Lloyd Wright! The flat roof was part of his signature style. Using a flat roof on your home sends a distinct, classy message. It says that you’re no-nonsense and have clear goals in life. The best part? A flat roof also gives you tons of options. You can use it as part of your main house, or create a nice cover for your porch so you have more room to socialize in any weather.

Vintage Classic

A mansard roof has multiple slopes. There are two on every side, and the lower slopes are always steeper. It’s a great choice if you’re remodeling an older home, as it’s often spotted on many Victorian homes and mansions. In newer homes, this type of roof will add extra living space to your attic because it’s a little bit higher in the middle. Reach out to a talented roofing contractor, like Drey Roofing, to help in your remodeling.

Throwback Time

To take your roof designs even farther back than the Victorian era, consider the pyramid hip roof. It puts a nice cap on your house with four sides that all join in the middle. This makes it extremely sturdy as well! Those ancient Egyptians had the right idea.

Return to Nature

Green roofs are becoming increasingly common for apartment buildings. You can make this trend your own in the suburbs, too. The way a green roof works is quite simple. It comes in four layers. One layer waterproofs the system so you don’t have to worry about leakage. Another layer acts as a barrier to prevent extensive root growth. The third layer is your drainage system which saves runoff, the final layer is, of course,

Where the plants themselves grow. Installation costs pay off in the long run because the green roof is one of the most cost effective roof types. It saves you money on heating and insulation costs. Be sure to carefully evaluate your local climate so you can plant the appropriate greens.

No matter which design you choose, roofs provide your house with safety and security. They turn an ordinary building into a true home.

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