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At 10:57am on February 1, 2010, Dave Carter said…
I could not say we are staying busy, except for doing lots of estimates. We do have work coming in, including some international sales. We do have lots of activity for registrations,etc...which is a good thing! I can only be optimistic and concentrate on the work we have and hope it picks up!

Have you done anything else to your cabin?

Best regards,
At 10:48pm on January 31, 2010, Greg Beck said…
Hi Dave Are you guys staying buisy, I cant buy a job.
At 10:07pm on January 3, 2010, Greg Beck said…
Hi Dave, I started a blog called "Chimney height", could you read it and post a comment please, Thanks alot G.
At 9:35pm on December 26, 2009, Dave Carter said…
Hey Greg,
I have a nice and relaxing Christmas, thanks! Just been sitting around watching some football and watching the kids make a mess of the place!! I am sure you are doing the same. Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a great New Year!

Best regards,
At 1:13pm on December 26, 2009, Greg Beck said…
I forgot to say thanks for all your advise, you can tell a newbe how to cut a cedar all day long, but we really had to learn it our selves, the flaired butts made it even harder, then getting it plumb. It was a challenge, but I have my system down now, still need to run stumps and rail behind the house across the window wall walkway area. Have a good one !
At 12:59pm on December 26, 2009, Greg Beck said…
Hi Dave, I trust u had a great xmas with the wiff and kidos, me too. That huge cedar looks killer in the great room. I have been telling my neighbors at the lake to keep an eye out for any really neat trees, I havent decided what type I want, other than I'll know the tree when I see it, Ive already got 21 plus cedars on the porch, I was kinda looking fort a diff. species for the great room. If all else fails I can still grab a huge cedar were I got the others, I've been wanting to go back with a trailer and a tractor To grab about 8 huge ones for my bbq shack (phase two ) and store them as well. just wanted to B.s. for a minute, Peace out !
At 8:41pm on December 17, 2009, Dave Carter said…
Thanks for the comment! I grew up in this business, live in a log home, and wished I had another log home sitting just a little deeper in the woods on a creek!

By the looks of your profile picture, your home looks awesome and must have an awesome view! NICE!!

Merry Christmas to you as well!

Best regards,
At 10:04pm on December 16, 2009, Ron Morgan said…
Very nice home Dave, I envy your working for a LOG HOME COMPANY. Best Wishes for the Holiday Season....Ron.
At 5:52am on October 23, 2009, Greg Beck said…
Hey Dave, I ordered my tenon cutter and c-sink, pretty excited about getting new tools in the mail. Were getting ready to stand the cedars and place the 6x8 beams I bought, I could only find doug fur for 128.00 each then I found them for 60.00 each but with a 35 day lead time, then I found yellow pine from reclaimed telephone poles at 20.00 each, what a deal. Got a trailer load infront of the house ready to take to the lake this weekend. Should be fun but hard work. I'm getting into a neat part of the build now. Will have some questions soon I'm sure. I put the bull nosed rim floor board on the outer edge of the deck , looks awesome, now I have to draw nife the nose.
At 12:31pm on August 13, 2009, Greg Beck said…
Yeah cool, I planned on the shiplap joints, I'll have 2 c how straight the 4/10's are at 20' long, I was wondering why u guy's use a 6x6 post beam instead of a 4x 10 post beam ? Shoot your office e-mail again/ lost it. I have 10' centers on my suppoort posts, 20's may not cover the shiplap joints ? I threw my back out powerwashing the last 8 cedars stooped over for 8 hours, got scared when I couldnt whipe my own a#%, and almost fell over from the pain a few times, never had a bad back like that before, but all my cedars are real narly, and I'm on the mend. Thanks Dave, your the guru !
At 8:58am on August 9, 2009, Greg Beck said…
I'm sure the less joints the better, I'll just go with 20' lengths on the post beams. Hope your o.k. you probably went on vacation or are working out of your area, no biggie. I'll get by. See ya
At 7:37pm on August 4, 2009, Greg Beck said…
Hey Dave, are u out there ?
At 10:53pm on July 29, 2009, Greg Beck said…
Hi Dave
Hope you are enjoying your summer, I had a quick question 4 u .
As far as the post beams go, should I try to get some 20' lenghts of the 4 x 10's I plan on using or would it be alright to go with 10' lengths so we can handle them easily and have a joint above every tree post ? I wanted to go with the exposed underneath, but the decrative decking cost is gonna kill me, will probably go with yellow pine mono trusses and just have a 8.5' ceiling inside the porch, this is turning into a money pit porch. Thanks a million, Greg
At 9:34am on June 21, 2009, Greg Beck said…
Hi Dave
How do I get a nice level cut on my post butts so they stand nice & straight ? Tell me how u guys do it. Thanks G. Beck
At 11:43pm on June 17, 2009, Greg Beck said…
This should be the last question for a while , but cant promise, How do I get a nice level cut on the post butts so they stand straight ?
At 7:25am on June 17, 2009, Greg Beck said…
Mornin Dave, what do you think about instead of 25 cedars for my porch, just mixing it up with some pines and or any other different trees ? I think it would give it more of a forested look, I know cedar is one of the most bug & rot resistant trees there is but with a covered porch dont u think any tree would last a long time ? I got permission to cut anything I want off several huge farms, and I also found out the Amish in our area have a kiln incase I need it, but plan to build green for now. I plan on buying a 3d design program soon, I would value your opinion on my designs as well, Thanks Dave, U da man !
At 6:31pm on June 11, 2009, Greg Beck said…
Decided not to tear down the old place after all, its a shame it was some killer hand axed white oak, but some dumb as% came along in about 1920 or so and axed big chunks out of the log faces everywhere to hang vertical lath strips for siding and inside for plaster, and pretty much ruined it for me, there was some interesting mud with horse hair chinking on the inside walls, never know till ya do some diggin around I guess. I'm just gonna move ahead with my porch rafters & roof & worry about the siding later, it's probably best it worked out this way, so your still in the running Dave for some siding, just gonna be a while.
At 2:24pm on May 22, 2009, CR (Yona) Dunning said…

I don't know about tornadoes

Folks here say they've never seen a tornado in their entire lives ...

But there's a first time for everything

But we do get weather - it's always a surprise

Though channel 10 in Knoxville seems to get it right most of the time

but it's good to see the clouds crossing the tree lin & knowing that things are about to change

Take care & if you get ime drop in "overhome" (Hancock County) & sit on our porch & sip ice tea (Southern champagne)

Take care

At 7:48pm on May 20, 2009, CR (Yona) Dunning said…

we've been here in Thorn Hill since 29 March but internet was set up today - 20 May


Dial Up's too slow & there's no cable in this part of the world - a mixed blessing

It's good to be in Tennessee

we've had snow, rain - enough to start building an Ark, a tornado set down in our front yard, wild turkeys, rabbits, coyotes, deer, & escaped cows in our yard

& no police sirens, shootings, ambulances & the only deputy sheriff we've met was leading a rescue squad through the blowdown after the tornado hit two Fridays ago

it couldn't be better


I'm learning that out here (the folks here call this 'over home') we live by a different set of instructions - we didn't get our owner's manual yet

It's much different than Gulf coast Florida - time here is more attuned to the real world & the rain & the tornadoes

than it is clocks or much of anything else

it's good to be home


At 4:01am on May 15, 2009, Greg Beck said…
Hi Dave
Thanks for the prices, but I decided to go with the pre-civl war cabin and have it milled into siding, I'm not in the best financial state right now and cant muster that kind of dough, if I can save a buck by breaking my own back thats about the only way I can get by, I would like your opinion about saving the dovetails on the old cabin, apparently your siding with dovetails has the tail built into it and protruding out thicker on the other side of the 90 degree corner, that shouldnt be to hard to do, any tips welcome, its gonna be a h#%# ll of a task taking down that old place but there's ahmish laborers near by and several saw mills, should be interesting at the least. thanks greg

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