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At 10:32pm on January 31, 2009, Ted said…
I was just thinking that if you would like to talk face to face or on the phone, I would be happy to do so. My phone number is: (941)-379-0535. If I'm not in, let me know what would be a good time to get back to you. I'm out of the house quite often because of my business but since that has slowed up, I may be home. Ted
At 10:26pm on January 31, 2009, Ted said…
Hey guys, I'm not sure of this but I think that your comments about your business are showing up only on your own page. I checked the pages of a couple of other people I communicate with and don't see your message. May I suggest that you post it as a blog or start a discussion. Good luck. Ted
At 11:14am on January 29, 2009, Ted & Bonnie Steele @ Mountain Venture Properties LLC said…
Here you go..
Mountain Venture Properties, LLC
PO Box 1269
Nebo, NC 28761

Ted & Bonnie Steele
20 Meredith Lane #C2
Marion, NC 28752-6613
(941) 447-6655

I would love the opportunity to speak with anyone about our NC venture. We felt the best thing for us to do was to move on the lease opportunity on our FL home and get to NC to see what impact our being here would have on the business. So far we have had more contact from our website, is it the economy or our presence?, or just idle fingers now at home and surfing the web. Our fractional ownerships begin @ $72,000 for a 1/4 share up to $154,000. The more opportunity we have to share what we are doing here, the better the chance to make a sale. Bonnie is working closely with me as she is unable to find work (which she must eventually do, we can't live on my SS).

We will use this year to determine where we go from here... we need the additional income to pay off some debt from getting this business started. Plastic is not the way to go in this economy!

If you or any of the readers are in the neighborhood, give us a call. Also check out our new website
At 9:30pm on January 28, 2009, Ted said…
When you get a chance you should publish your business address in the mountains so that people traveling through that area can stop in and say hello and you can give them a briefing on your business.

This layoff thing is like a giant cancer all around us. My wife just got laid off after 7 years with the same company. My handyman/carpentry business has shrunk in half and we have really pulled back from just about everything not necessary.
As much as I want to move to the mountains I can't help wondering if I did it now would it simply be an escape tool with no real relief once I got up there.

Yes let's keep in touch. Ted
At 6:30pm on January 28, 2009, Ted said…
So glad to hear about your move to the mountains. The rest of us are still dreaming. Keep us posted about your progress. Those of us who have been here since the beginning are a club and wish you the best.

At 3:46pm on October 27, 2008, Neighborhood Host said…
Hey guys!

Is this the link you are looking for?
At 11:13am on September 10, 2008, Ted & Bonnie Steele @ Mountain Venture Properties LLC said…
Thanks Andrew....

At 1:48pm on August 19, 2008, Michael McCarthy said…
Hey Ted!

Glad you (and your friends) loved the story. We've gotten a great response from readers...

Here are some tips about combining sites from our Neighborhood Host:

Hello Good Sir,

I've looked into this, and unfortunately, I don't think there's an easy way
to do this. (Think about all the decisions that would have to be made by a
program: What is the default photo, what does this line say, who are the
actual friends, etc.)

My suggestion would be to choose 1 that they want to make dominant, and then
send a message to all the friends on the other one saying "Add this account
as a friend instead." That would certainly be a manual fix, but I think it's
the only way to do it.

They should figure out which profile will be the one they want to keep, and
then send a mass email to all their friends on the other one (this is done
by clicking on "My Friends" in the upper right hand corner, under "Hello
____". From there, they'll be presented with all of their friends in that
account. At the bottom of that list, there is a link to "Send Message to
Friends." That will present a screen where all of the friends are listed
along with a "Subject" box and a "Message" box. From there they could say
something like "Subject: Switching Profiles, add my other one as a friend"
and a message could be "Hey everyone, we have two profiles on this
community, but we want to consolidate to 1. Please add ______ (new profile
name) as a friend (they could even put a link in there to their other
profile that they want to keep.)

It's not perfect, but it could work!
At 12:16pm on August 19, 2008, Ted said…
I was thinking about putting up a picture of one of my two cats but was embarrassed to do so but now that you are going to do it I think I'll go ahead.

By the way, regarding having a second site, maybe the double exposure (so to speak) is good for your business.

Nothing new with our attempt to sell our house but as I think I mentioned before, we are not going to get serious until fall 2009. As far as we can see here in Florida, the market has not nor is it showing any upward correction How discouraging is that?

At 12:50pm on July 27, 2008, Donna Peak said…
Hi Ted and Bonnie. I know it's tough - trying to sell your existing place to get the log house you REALLY want, but hang in there. I've heard rumors that the market in the south is beginning to pick up a little. Your place is darling. Once the fear starts to subside, you shouldn't have any trouble at all.
At 3:10pm on July 24, 2008, Ted said…
Nice to hear that he is rethinking moving back. I have a brother who lives in France. It would be nice to have him closer.
As I've written in several of my comment pages, we have decided that we will put the house on the market come fall of 2009 and hope for the best (offer). We will need to dip into our savings to make up the rest of the construction costs but on the other hand we're not getting any younger and I want to get a few years out of the place before I pass it on to family.
At 2:33pm on July 24, 2008, Ted said…
I was just sitting here going over the comments you sent on to me, which, by the way are very appreciated and I started thinking about your brother who wants to return to Florida. I can understand that he likes the water, boating and stuff like that but I was thinking that it must be quite a while since he moved out of Florida. I guess he has forgotten about all the reasons he moved in the first place. I'm sitting in an air conditioned house and I'm still hot. Oh well, to each his own.
At 5:45pm on July 2, 2008, Ted said…
Hi guys, sorry it has taken me so long to reply but as you well know "stuff" always gets in the way of "things".

I appreciate the information on Tanya Waxler. I will probably contact her to see what she can offer in the way of strategy.

Hope to hear from you soon.

At 10:30am on June 25, 2008, Ted & Bonnie Steele @ Mountain Venture Properties LLC said…
Ted, we have tried about everything, including fractional ownership which is a real interest of late to those oversees. There are number of free sites where you can "post" your home, although we have not seen to much success on our end. The developer and builder we are working with in Nebo have a number of "spec" homes in various stages of completion and I am getting some inquiries on them. As you saw in our business profile, our website outlines how we intend to carry our Florida homebased business to NC as soon as we get out from under this home.

I heard on the news this morning the TampaBay area has had the largest depreciation in home values the any where else in the country ...20% drop fro August 2006. Our homes are a lot more appealing to foreigners and now especially with "devaluation" of the dollar. We had a Pakastani "hooked" but when they found we had buried one of our cats in the "back 40" she (the wife) flipped! They had the cash to, would you believe in a briefcase! I would have dug up the whole darn back yard, but they would hear nothing of it. I have a agent workig for me, don't know how I found here, but she is souper. $299 for MLS listing and has given me lot of tips....Tanya Waxler

I wil look (search ) the web for more foreign sites and let you know what I find.

Best Regards, Ted and Bonnie Steele
At 6:03pm on June 24, 2008, Ted said…
I just got home from work, (I own a small carpentry/ handyman business) and started thinking about your efforts to try to sell your house. I've been told that the foreign market is currently the best place to sell ones home. Recently a house in my neighborhood was sold to a family from some where in the Ukraine.
The weak dollar is attracting people into the US. My problem is that I don't know how to reach these people. The real estate people will tell you that they have contacts in these foreign countries and that they are getting many inquires from out of the United States. The problem is that if we hire a real estate company to try to sell for us, they will want to have us lower the price of our house and then take a hefty commission if they do sell it. We would rather sell the house on our own asking a realistic price and keeping the commission in our own pocket. Then we could generate the bucks we need to build the log home we want.

Do you have any thoughts on the subject?


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