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I'll kick off this part of our log home forums with a question we get from time to time:

How do I link to another website within a blog post or forum discussion?

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1. Highlight the word you’d like to act as the link (or the “anchor text” as it’s called)

2. Click on the “Chain Link” icon in the Icon Bar right below the word “Entry” on the “Add a New Blog Post” screen or any "Comment" screen in a forum discussion or on a member's profile. (It is the 5th icon from the left).

The icons read “B” “I” “U” “S” then the "chain" (some people say this looks like a tiny hamburger – it is open to interpretation).

3. Once you’ve clicked on the “Chain Link” a box will pop up prompting you to fill out the URL. This is where you will specify which page you’d like to link to. IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST include the “http://” in the link (don’t just start with “www” because it won’t work for technical reasons).

4. Publish your post and test the link. If it works, good job! If it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to be. (Ok, kidding here, just ask Neighborhood Host for a walk-thru)
Neighborhood host,
Approximately two weeks ago it became impossible for me to add new discussions or send direct messages to my friends on the blog. When I go into the box that contains "welcome to the log home ...etc" my screen in the link area at the bottom of my screen shows Javascript:void(0). I am running AOL as I always have. I have checked everywhere in my system to see what might have caused this but can find nothing wrong. Research has indicated that it could be caused by something in the web hosting that changed. Everything else works perfect.

Any ideas?

We're looking in to the issue and I've passed this along to my more technical brethren. Do you know if you have Javascript enabled in your browser? Sometimes that can cause a problem.

We'll look into this and get back to you as soon as we find something.

I apologize for the frustration this must be causing.
Yes it is enabled and I even gave this website direct approval which lowered the security level even more. I don't remember making any changes to my system but who knows what they do in these updates. I can't be sure but I think it correlated to a screen design change that you made where you have the "orange box" with the 3 choices in it. The system will not even allow be to log off now and I can't send a message to friends.

If I go to send a message to friends it allows the input but does nothing when I hit send.

The javascript error is indicating that a link has been blocked. I don't think a blocked cookie could cause the problem but let me know.

AOL has been known to not being completely compatible at times but right now I'm not experiencing problems anywhere else.


I said "orange" but it is really a "marron".

When I go to log off, nothing happens but the following shows in the "search line" at the top of my screen.

Just noticed I can't edit after sending. I spelled Maroon wrong.



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