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I love this birdhouse...was this something featured on the web site or in Log Home Living or Log Home Design magazines?
Well actually, both!

This birdhouse is in the garden surrounding Jack Hanna's guest cabin in Montana. (Yes, the same Jack Hanna you've seen on late-night TV with all those animals!)

His log home tour was featured originally in the September 2006 issue of Log Home Living magazine, but you can check it out on here.
Thanks for sending the link...what a great size house for retirement...I love how they have a separate two car garage and plenty of places for flowers and landscaping.
Wow, small world... my wife is the Administrative Director of the NW Montana Humane Society and she knows Jack Hanna because of all the great work he does locally supporting the Humane Society.
Hi, If anyone knows of a log home remodeler for the Youngstown, Ohio area, please reply. I've been searching for months to find a remodeler to make our standard doorway into a sliding glass patio door. Don't want to hire a regular contractor since I'm not sure if they would know how to cut through the logs. Youngstown, OH is near Akron and Cleveland, OH or near Lawrence County, PA.
Hi Cathy and welcome!

I cannot recommend a specific company as I am not familiar with your particular area, but maybe I can help narrow your search. Our Log Home Directory lists companies in the log home industry. Although it is primarily dealers, builders and manufacturers, we do have quite a few listings for rennovators and builders who specialize in such projects. Visit our log home listings for Ohio here. Additionally, you might want to try our Repair & Renovation listings here. You can also access the Pennsylvania listings from those pages.

Good luck with your search for a contractor.


great help! this may also be of some hlp with your log home renovations

Good stuff, Tom.

The company that comes to mind for the Ohio/PA area to me is Benedict Antique Lumber & Stone, they're located in New Milford, PA (it's kind of a hike, but may be the closest guys around) and specialize in reclaiming lumber and hand-hewn beams that have "endured the rugged climate of the Northeastern Pennsylvania."

I'd check them out first, and maybe some of these companies if you really want to comparison shop.
If you're still looking, you might check the database at Go to the directory and search under one of the log home listings...starting by picking your state first.

I'd also look in your local big city yellow pages and call any log builders to see if they can offer any leads.

Regards, Scotty
My name is Jack I used to restore log homes and still do some. had to end my business due to an accident. I decided to join this group to be able to supply others with the info I've accquired.Cathy-I live in sharon,pa if you need direction or someone to explain to reg contractor on how to go about it ,get back to me Thank you
Thanks for being willing to share your knowledge. My spouse and I bought a 1938-built cabin with 1/2 log siding a couple of years ago. The whole structure was tented and fumigated per the termite report when we bought it. The logs are redwood and have diameters ranging from about 6" to 10" and still have the bark on them. The cabin is located in a second growth redwood forest that was logged at some point before the housing tract we are in was divided into parcels and sold. (The second growth trees are very tall and beautiful!) We think the siding was made using logs harvested locally.

At this point there is insect damage between the surface of the logs and the bark at every place where I have looked. Much of the bark is coming off. It looks to me like carpenter ant tunnels, and most of them are at the surface of the logs. The logs are not chinked, and there is no plywood sheathing under them, so the cabin essentially has no insulation.

I am inclined to just go ahead and strip all of the bark off, scrape away the insect damage, use an air compressor to blast out any loose detritus, and then apply a borate preservative on all of the external log surfaces. Next I would apply a preservative and then put in backer rod and apply chinking.

Does this seem like the right approach?

I would also like a recommendation for which borate preservative, epoxy and/or caulk to fill in holes and insect damage, sealer, and chinking compound you would recommend. I have been looking at both Perma-Chink and Sashco products online.

Hello to fellow log home lovers! New to the forum - looking forward to talking about log homes and seeing everyones photos! We are about 90% done with our log home (still need to finish the basement, landscaping, carpeting the loft and all that other fun stuff!)
P.S. I have documented our building experiences at .


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