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I believe the tradition of naming your home/cottage started in England. My husband & I had a vote on our blog and had our readers help choose our name which ultimately ended up being "The Loon's Nest" (due to a nesting pair of Loons on the lake and the fact that I love them.) We are going to have a sign made up and posted at our log home entrance. What have you named your log home (or your future log home) and how did you come up with it? I love hearing everyone's names. Also - a great site that has name ideas and makes up signs for cabins/cottages is . Check out their galleries. (Some of the names: Critter Cabin, Moonbeams and Cabin Dreams, Lure Lodge, Nine Pine Acres, etc.)

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We had a similar experience when we had roughly staked out where the new cabin would be, we woke up one morning and there were moose hoofprints all the way around the permiter, as if he was checking it out and approved of our new cabin location.  "Gone moosin'" it was.  We can't get enough of looking at our favorite wild animal.

Hi everyone - Shelley we are in the UP right now but sadly do not have enough time to come south.  Otherwise I would have been knocking at your door!  


Our last name is Love - so we'll be naming our cabin "The Love's Nest" - my hubby picked the name.  It has been growing on me - so I think its a keeper.  D.

Nice name.  Why not drop the apostrophe 's' and just call it "The Love Nest"

Jon - nope as that is my problem with the name to begin with.  It is hard having a "cutsey" last name - and I am trying to avoid an undesirable (sexual) connotation with our last name (from my perspective).  Not saying that's what you meant by it - as most folks don't think like that.  But I have had to live with many off color jokes over the years from those that do - so my brain goes there right away. 


So  . . .  I have a hang up about our name.  But . . .  it works.  So . . .  

We bought our property in 2005. Charlie started brush hogging it. By spring of 2006, i started mowing it.  I was amazed at all the frogs. I haven't officially "named it" but i did make my yahoo email,!  also, he left 3 small cedar trees....that's all thats in the yard..could go with "3 Cedars"!
We thought it would be clever to name our cabin "Cherish", taken from a Seinfeld episode where one of the most famous lines was "Cherish the cabin". But in this episode, the cabin gets burned down, so we decided it would be bad karma to name our cabin Cherish.  Ultimately, we decided to name our cabin "T.L.C."... describing what our cabin, our little piece of heaven, offers us and also the initials of what it actually is - The Log Cabin!

We named our homestead "Shadow Ridge" due to the shadow cast over our property from the ridge above in the late afternoon.  We chose this 10 acre sloping site in order to build a walk-out basement log home and capture a breathtaking view of the La Platas Mountain range in SW Colorado.

Ron and Joan Morgan       

Awesome picture of the "Shadow Ridge" entrance. There are a lot of great ideas in this thread. Every time I go out to my lot I try to think of what a good name would be. Nothing yet. My guess is when we start construction towards the end of 2012, it will come to me. Until then, keep the names coming in!



A while back I mentioned that we were thinking about "Ruth's Roost".  However, after falling off of some scafolding and breaking my heel bone we decided to call it "Calcaneous Lodge".  Calcaneous is your heel bone.

hi Shelley

          We are just getting started building our handcrafted log home  .Our first year we debarked.sanded,,and stained.  All of the family and friends who helped with the hard work have a log named after themself 20 out of 60 have names now and more to come this year   ,,,and then our home will be glass mountain  acres


Hi Shelley we are building ours ourselves too and we also have logs named after those that helped with the debarking.

Your photo is simply amazing.  You could win competitions with that.  I'm going to use it as my wallpaper for a while.

Best regards Jon

Ah the ol name game LOL!

Well since our lot is at the end of the road, about a mile off the main road, it was only fitting to call our place "The Boondocks" ;-)


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