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Building Codes, Energy Efficiency, and Green Building - Things to think about!

There is no question, a log home is hands down, the most beautiful home to build. It's rare to find a log home that isn't absolutely gorgeous!


When building a log home, there are things - things you may not see - that are just as important. How energy efficient will it be? Is it going to be built with less waste? Is it environmentally friendly? Will it meet building codes?


These are the questions that log home owners need to have answered before starting the building process!


We love to help, and inform people on the importance - and benefit of building a green, energy efficient log home! Timber Block, the Revolutionary R-30 Insulated Log home is proud to build homes that are so highly energy efficient, heating/cooling bills are much lower, (R-30 is standard in every Timber Block home), as well, with R-30, all Timber Block homes meet or exceed all building codes in relation to insulation.


For more information, this blog talks more about Energy Efficiency in log homes, Building Codes, and Building Green!



Have a great week!

Timber Block

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I am retired...after as many years doing what I have get to know a lot about people, the hard way.:)

Timberblock system is really not logs.

You don't have to be an old school builder to figure that out.

I am not saying they are not nice, efficient etc. but they are really not a real log home, and not so green either.

I could see why the fellas (and gals) who build log homes would be upset?

Log homes are made of logs..that is why they call(ed) them log homes.

Look at Lindal Cedar Homes.....they don't call them Lindal Cedar Log Homes. 

Hey...I know I am a pain in the neck (ornery)....but I like log homes because they are made of logs.

At one time they were all hand tooled by people....sometimes by skilled and sometimes by not so skilled people and families.

I know we don't ride around on horses or wagons anymore, and we use skidders, chainsaws etc.,  but maybe its because I have done so much with my hands in the past (and still do) that I really appreciate what goes into making those logs become a home, by just a few people (sometimes only 1 or 2 people).

I just have to stop and define what I believe.

Log homes are made of logs.

Shanny - add "Panelized" to your list as well as "block log" or "foambeam"....

Hi Folks, I really enjoyed the dialogue on this subject because it's what this site is all about. I have built over 60 log homes and I have followed the technology of the ever changing log home industry. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes has designed the system that can effectively handle any climate and still be log. As time goes on energy will become more expensive and our technology needs to keep up. We have a responsibility to our clients to give them the best available product. Keep up the good work. Jim Harbin Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

James, I applaud your company's innovation and your fantastic homes.  I think most of us understand that everyone benefits from vigorous competition and working to offer new alternatives to home buyers.  As someone who was shopping the marketplace just a little over a year ago, I found it discouraging that so many companies seemed to thrive on slamming others, rather than striving to provide the best possible product and tout their positive points. 

No one company will ever win every sale--there are just too many variables among potential customers.  But, what what the nattering naybobs of negativism do accomplish is to drive many folks away from log homes altogether, shrinking the potential market and leading to a generalized suspicion of log home companies.  I'm new to this, but I sure do think that it would be great for all concerned if there was widespread acceptance of the idea that the emphasis should be on the positive.

Log homes are made from logs.

Shanny, I appreciate your passion. We're cut from the same cloth. I obviously manufacture and build with solid logs. And dabble with log siding alternatives.

My only issue with this "thread" or whatever you call it, is the false advertising or bogus claims some foam and frame folks average against a solid log alternative. Thank goodness, most everyone who follows this website have already bought, and therefore use this forum to justify their decision.

Potential buyers are smart enough to see thru the smoke screen and will decide. Most clients decide based on the entire build experience and who can turnkey their home on a special piece of property for generations to enjoy, with minimal hassle. The total cost, if all things are equal, isn't different enough to sway decision. But BS vs. long-term track record can be smelled a mile away.


Ultimately, the consumer decides what they are buying...traditional full log, insulated log, sided log home...especially since they are the ones who are going to enjoy their home and brand it accordingly. Who are we to tell them what they live in? Ultimately, they have the power to decide on what they want and what they want to brand it.

Is a Mac a personal computer? Is a smart phone really a telephone or a computer? 

Most people, who have an untrained eye on construction, will have a tough time determining if a sided home is full log or just sided. 

Earlier in this thread I noticed someone talked about log homes being a "centuries old" technology, tried and true. I certainly can agree with that. And you'll notice I won't bash a log home, I personally love them. However, some people, in fact many people, would prefer to utilize modern day technology in their home. There are many inherent benefits to many of the new building systems out there today. 

Some consumers like driving a '57 Chevy and others want the luxury of a modern home with a classic look (2012 Dodge Charger). We fall into the 2012 Dodge Charger category of home building (insulated log home included). And I do realize there are many here just looking for a '57 Chevy, which I am perfectly comfortable with. Same reason why we attend log home show and home shows...consumers are always looking for alternatives and what might be a better option in their mind. Whether that is full log, insulated log or sided log, ultimately they'll decide after educating themselves on the options that exist.

This is the very reason people visit this forum is gain knowledge. Which is what we are all here to do.

I do enjoy when others from the building industry evaluate our homes (good or bad) shows that our technology and system is turning heads.

If you are "dabbling" in siding you should consider Timber Block! 

Thanks for listening and the opportunity to show case Timber Block to the members of this great community. 



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