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Has anyone ever used clay plaster to cover interior chinking? Clay is a product that is used as a finish on walls. It is very environmentally friendly, won't mildew, can be easily repaired, will absorb humidity and gradually release it, etc. The manufacturer, American Clay, is not aware of anyone having done this, but is confident it will work if the cement substrata is applied with a coarse finish to assist adhesion.

If i do this, I will first test it on a small space to see how it performs. I appreciate any advice or cautions you can give me. Thanks.


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God knows synthetic chinking is priced through the roof at around 180.00 per 5 gal. I have been looking for a more economical way to chink myself, let me know how it works out with the clay. Greg Beck in MO.
The clay couldn't be use as the chinking material itself -- it would be applied more as a skim coat(s) over the top. Right now I'm thinking Portland cement.

What I can tell you is that Portland cement is used in some of the traditional mortar style chinking mixtures. What we do know about mortar style chinking is that eventually it cracks, becomes brittle and starts to fall out in small pieces. Which is why we have the synthetic chinking now. Ours is called Perma-Chink, and if you sign up for an online store account at right now I think our online store has a 10% off coupon this month on our chinking. Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your project!
Thanks, Kevin, I'll look into it. Cracking wouldn't be so bad, since clay can be re-hydrated and smoothed, patched, etc. Hunks of concrete actually falling onto my living room floor would, however, distress my wife.



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