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So we are here in Southern IL, and trying to decide if we want to take the plunge on a log home. My wife and I both agree we want a rustic home (which is half the battle as far as I'm concerned) but can we really afford the log home we want? 

We have found this home at Satterwhite log homes...    and love the design.  From what I have learned, to buy this package from Satterwhite, have them shell it, and find a builder locally to finish I am looking at north of $400k and thats not including finishing the basement. This is just my rough figure as I have not talked to a builder, but we have built 2 homes so we know a little about whats involved. However, we have only delt with stick built homes, so I can imagine interior wood finishing can get rather costly. We hate sheetrock!

I would like to get some opinions on this style of home and if I am better off as far as price is concerned to find a builder locally and have them get the materials locally or use a company like Satterwhite. I have read on here buying a kit is more expensive, but is it really when you figure in all the experience and materials you are getting? 

Oh so many options.

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Looks really pretty.  Make sure you have a builder that knows how to build log homes.  Doesn't the company have builders you can talk with?  We built a Katahdin Cedar Log home and they had builders that know how to build their homes.  We loved our builder.  I agree about the sheetrock!!  Looks like a lot of details with the fireplace big wraparound porch etc so I am not surprised with the price.  Does that include the land?  Good luck - keep us posted.

I'm sure Satterwhite has builders or can refer us to one, but they are 500 miles away and we haven't got that far yet. They are just the company who has the floor plan we like.

We have our land and I did not include that in the price, but its really just a wild guess at this point ;) 

My question would be "can I build a 4473 square foot conventional house with all of the same type/quality materials as I want in my log home for less than $90 per square foot?"  On a full finished basement this plan has 4473 square feet (not including the porches and/or car port).  To finish this 4473 square foot house for under("just South" of) $400,000 would be under $90 per square foot.  Can this be accomplished in either stick or log?

My plan is to not finish the basement, and work on that myself down the road. I was figuring 2700 sq ft at $150. Not sure if that is a realistic figure either for a log home, but I plan on doing some of the finishing work myself. (flooring, interior wood, trim, lighting, etc)

Hello Folks, Ninety dollars a square foot doesn't include windows,doors,roof,and foundation. Just kidding,I'm old enough to remember when you could build for 100.00 in the early sixties.

I have always explained it like this what do want to see when you pull into your driveway. Do you want to see a log home or vinyl siding. From there what makes you feel comfortable when you look at the photos of other log homes or wood homes. The pricing is a big varialble your field stone fireplace is costly. The kitchen is the most costly area. Your log home builder should be able to help explain other items that add to the finished price. Design made simple saves money. Ive finished a few homes I built and learned alot through the process.

Hello Folks, There is no reason why you can't give your plan to another log home company to get a package price,turn-key price,dry-in price,and a Dealer/Builder near you. Go to and get the help you need. Tell them Jim sent you. Good luck and have fun, James Harbin Builder/Dealer for Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

Jim -We love our Katahdin Lon home in Maine.  Loved the builder too!

Kathadin...another really great option. I think you probably are getting the idea. There are many companies that supply great components and a number of quality builders. The answer is "yes," you can find and build within your price range. Give yourself some time to look at all the options. It took us about a year.

I would definitely speak with a builder in your area to get a better handle on the cost.  An experienced log builder in your area will be able to give you a realistic idea of the cost to build that design on your property.  

Just cause you found a plan you like from a company, doesn't mean you have to have them supply the logs and whatever.  Just change something on the plan, and you won't have any copyright issues to deal with.  Then find the companies that has the type of log you want, send your reworked plans to these particular manufacturers.  I would get bids on the logs, and any large timbers, you cannot purchase locally.  They will try and tell you you have to buy blueprints, (lol) for a accurate quote, and they will want a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to get you tied in.  You can buy a computer program, and work your plans up, and send those to manufacturers for quotes.  Like I said just get quotes on logs and timbers that cannot be purchased locally.  The key to a successful log home is the builder.  Be your own general contractor, then you have control.  Please try and stay focused, and not let everybody (manufacturers and dealers and builders) confuse you.  Never give any money upfront, work with letters of commitments.  Times are hard, people need work, manufacturers need home sales, if they want your business, they will do things your way!  Good Luck in your endeavors and hopefully you will be prosperous!!!

Hello Folks, In order to control costs buying everything from one source as much as possible makes sense. Ordering logs only can result in too much waste. Today's packages were developed over the years to minimize waste and improve construction.When we started building log homes 28 years ago nothing was pre-cut except corners. A 2500s.f. home took two months to get under roof.The waste was considerable and added costs. Today with pre-cut,pre-drilled,numbered,and coded logs and beams it takes one month and there is no waste.Good material management is our responsibility to our earth.Remember folks,we are building homes built of almost 100% renewable resources. If being a general contractor was easy we would all be one.Instead of looking at manufacturers and contractors as necessary evils put them to work for you. Those of us who have been doing this all this time are passionate about what we do and we work on a personal level with our clients.We have the same dream as you do-log homes. James and Pamela Harbin Back to Nature Dealer/Builders for Katahdin Cedar Log Homes


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