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So my wife says to me, Ted, you have figured out what everything is going to cost to construct our new log home... right? So tell me what will the home owners insurance going to cost. You know, it never occurred to me to get a handle on the cost of this kind of insurance. So now I'm asking you folks; can anyone give me some idea as to what I can expect to pay? Can I even get home owners insurance on a log home? I will be building a 2200 to 2400 square foot log home near Waynesville, NC. The house will be at a 3800 foot elevation on a gravel rood with no fire department for miles. There are no hydrants and the only source of water will be our well.

Any thoughts, suggestions or experiences with the same problem?


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Thanks Robert. This is a much appreciated help. In Florida I have condo owners insurance which means that only the interior gets covered. I pay about $1500 per year for that coverage.

Ted: I've had insurance for 16 years now with Nationwide on my log home. Also live more than five miles from a fire station, no local fire plug, not visible from neighbors or from the street. Nationwide said no matter what I built there (log home, brick home, frame home) it was going to be "expensive". However if I installed a "monitored" security system for both burglery and fire they offered a discount. On my 2000 sq ft loft log home I pay about $800 year and includes my detached garage. Since you are building in Waynesville, NC you may want to contact Mr. Gary Cochran 828-734-7752. He has been building log homes for in the Maggie Valley/Waynesville/Clyde area for over 10+ years and knows all the local insurance people. He actually built a log home for one of the insurance agencies owners there in Waynesville.....Cheers....Donald
Thanks Donald. As I mentioned to Robert, I thought I would be paying a lot more than I do for condo insurance here in Florida but it looks like I will be paying a lot less. Thanks for suggesting Gary Cochran. I have been talking with Mike Hall who is also a builder from the Waynesville area but I will get in touch with Gary to get a competitive bid. No matter what the reason the security system is a good idea.

Ted - I don't know what you plan on using for finishing products (stain, caulking, chinking, etc.), but if you plan on chinking, you might want to consider using Sashco's Log Jam. It has a 1 hour UL fire rating, which can sometimes translate into lower insurance costs. Be sure to ask about those kinds of things when you're shopping around.

Wow, I never would have thought that the finish I use would have an impact on insurance costs. Thanks, I'll have to look into this and see what the various insurance companies have to say. I believe that Sashco is a reputable company with excellent products.



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