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What insurance companies are folks using for their log homes?

My agent informed me yesterday that Traveler's, who I've used for three years, is changing their coverages and specifically lists "Log Homes" as a non-coverable item. It looks like State Farm will cover log homes, but at more than double my current rate annually.

My agent has checked with several other companies, including non-standard companies, and she said the options are pretty thin in Virginia.

Specifically, Traveler's said that log homes are a higher risk due to, and get this, "increased moisture due to ground contact that will deteriorate the wood" and "increased exposure to UV rays that will dry and crack the logs, exposing them to insect damage". Are the people writing these policies in the 1800's? Who builds directly on the ground?

Traveler's will cover timber frame homes, and stick built homes that have log siding. So lumber milled into a post/beam is okay, and lumber milled to resemble a log profile is okay. I showed them my milled D-logs, and they balked and said they were logs.

So what companies are you all using, and are you listed as a "log home", "custom home", "wood-sided home" or some other designation?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Mike and Barbara - I used Nationwide to cover my log home in South Carolina.  My agent listed it as wood frame home since it was "wood" that was used for the structure.  You may also try as they are specialized in insuring log homes.  Not sure they cover Virginia, but it's worth a try.  Insurance companies...too much bureaucracy not enough common sense.  Best Wishes - Donald

Donald, just out of curiosity, have you ever had to make a claim that required Nationwide corporate seeing your home?

I ask because my agent also had me listed as wood frame with Traveler's, however Traveler's is making specific wording changes in the new policies excluding log homes.

Hello Mike & Barbara - luckily, I've never had to make a claim.  The owner of the agency was the one to initially visit my home and write the policy.  Would suggest contacting the log home insurance company (web address in previous post) and hopefully they can write a policy in your state.  All the best - Donald


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