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Wondering if anyone knows how to deter porcupines from a home that has been treated with a borate solution.


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Sandy -

Gotta love wood eaters! Here is a website with some simple info:

Capsaisin is the "active ingredient" in most chile peppers. If you have small children, this may not be an option. Give a call to your local county extension office. They usually have good tips on helping control the critters in your area and will also know about state laws regarding trapping and releasing these guys.

Hope that helps! Have a great week!

-- Charis with Sashco
well Sandy has a porcupine pet,the Capsaisin might not work if the porucpine is from Mexico,it might
be mune to it,just kidding.Try RO.PEL it works on most anything that chews the wood.Hope everything
is going good,we are starting to get busy here.Call me if you need anything Greg
Good Afternoon Sandy,

Porcupines can do alot of damage to the wood. There is another product out there called SHAKE AWAY. It is a all natural detterent in a powdered form. The scent will scare them away. You can Google the product name.

Again trying to educate the consumer out there!
Have any questions feel free to email me at and I would be happy to help you!

Best of Luck



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