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Treat Your Logs First To Make Them Last.

You've just spent a long time leafing through planning books, selecting the logs, choosing the perfect lot--waiting for your dream home to be built. Why put all that at risk? Rot, weather, insects, fungi all pose a serious threat to your logs. Protect your investment--treat your logs first to make them last.

Applying A Borate To A Log Home.

Questions and Answer to apply a borate to a log home.

Question: If I apply a borate to a log home how long will it last?
Answer: A lifetime as long as a stain is applied over top of it. This means
when it starts to fade you should recoat it so that the borate does not leach out.

Question: If I stain my home then I decide I want to put a borate on can I do this?
Answer: No, a borate can only be applied to bare wood only.

Question: What does a borate do?
Answer: It help's prevent insects,decaying and log rot.

Question: What color is it?
Answer: Some borates are a powered substance that you mix with water or a liquid form.
It is colorless and odorless.

Question: When it is applied what does it look like?
Answer: When a borate is applied it looks like a salty substance on the logs.

Question When I apply a stain over the top will you still see the borate.
Answer: No, the stain is whats locks the borate in for life and you will not see it once you
stain the home. But again you need to reapply the stain when needed to keep
the borate locked in for life.

Question: How many times do I apply this?
Answer : Only once to the bare wood only and you never need to do this process again as long
as you keep a stain over the top of it.

Question: Is a borate applied to exterior as well as interior.
Answer: It can be used in both exterior and interior.

Question: Does this borate help prevent Carpenter Bee's?
Answer: No. Carpenter Bee's chew the wood and disgaurd it. Until they get the product on them
and clean themselves then they will die.

Question: Will the borate prevent adhesion to caulking or chinking?
Answer: No. This will not interfere with adhesion to caulking or chinking or coatings.

Question: Do some log home companies use this product to pressure treat there logs?
Answer: Yes, some log home companies pressure treat with this product inside
and outside of the logs. If they already do you do not need to apply a borate it is already done for

Question: Can I use a borate to dip treat my logs?
Answer: Yes you can.

Just remember to prep the wood first. Wood must be bare; free of dirt, wax and surface finishes before applying.

I hope this will help you!


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Please keep in mind that when using the spray/brush/dip method to apply borates, penetration of the borates will not go much beyond 1/2" to 1" of the surface - on a good day, with perfect conditions of the wood and weather.  This is according to chemists and testing facilities, not those of us selling borates. It is important to note, if the log checks deeper than 1" into the wood, you now have un-protected wood exposed to the elements.

Pressure treating is the only way to fully penetrate the sap wood of a log or timber, and if using air-dried material, the borates will penetrate the heartwood as well.  The pressure treatment of wood with borates has been well tested by the University of Mississippi as well as other testing facilities nationwide.

Good article!


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