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Unfortunately, we've had several spammers lately. If a comment shows up on your page and you are unable to read it, that is most likely because that member has been banned. If this is the case, there is no need to report the issue since we've taken care of the spammer (oh, doesn't that sound evil!) and there's no glitch on the site.

If you're getting spam comments or suspect a spammer, please report them since it helps us find and ban them faster before the comments get too crazy.



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I got a comment from 'marymabou' but cannot access the comment. Possible spammer?
Emily, I guess there's no way to screen/ban those looking for more than just a log home community huh???
Mary is back...she's created a new identity. Doesn't she realize she's not welcome here.
thanks for looking out for the people that are interested in the reason for this forum, Looks like no one can escape the lurkers...

Kirsten Smith's posts under our forum section referencing "Golf", "Car Insurance", and "Hot TV Shows" looks a little suspicious! You may want to check it out! Thanks for doing all you can to keep this a "clean" website!

Shelley S.


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