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Chlorine Bleach, Oxalic Acid, Sodium Percarbonate Bleach (Oxygen bleach), Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

Their Respective Pros and Cons
1. Chlorine Bleach
PROS: Strongly bleaches all types of wood.
Readily available
Kills mildew

CONS: Chlorine gas can be released if chlorine bleach is mixed with other household chemicals, such as ammonia.

Chlorine gas can be hazardous or fatal
Readily kills plants, especially new growth.

2. Oxalic Acid
PROS: Particulary good at removing tannin stains
It is the product of choice on redwood only.
It is the best product for removing rust stains.

CONS: Does not kill mildew
It must be thoroughly rinsed for wood that will be finished with water-based
coatings or unsightly whitish blemishes may appear beneath the coating
(or other negative effects can occur.)

3. Sodium Percarbonate Bleach (Oxygen Bleach)
PROS: The most environmentally friendly bleach/cleaner
The safest bleach/cleaner
If disassociates into hydrogen peroxide, soda ash and water- that's all

CONS: Must not be used on un-aged redwood ( it turns it almost black in color)
More expensive than other cleaners/bleaches.

PROS: Readily available and cheap
Good for cleaning dirt.

CONS: No bleaching action
Phosphate residues stimulate surface mold growth ( it is important to
thoroughly rinse.)

Kelly W/I-Wood-Care

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After using all of the 4 cleaners mentioned above over the years on my log home, I prefer and use the Oxygen Bleach.

It really is a environmentally friendly cleaner.  Works great in the warmer weather.

Thanks For Sharing Donald!



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