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Dandelions have always been one of my favorite flowers. They are cheerful and brilliant in the spring, and nearly mystical in the summer. I would plant them all over our yard if my husband didn't complain, "But they're weeeeds!"

My mom used to tell me that the ones with the white puffs were clusters of fairies, which is why you could blow on them and make a wish. One day, in kindergarten, my teacher played a slideshow with different plants to see which ones we could identify. Of course, a puffy white dandelion came up, and she asked, "Who knows what this is?" While the other kids chorused "Dandelion!" I was the only kid to shout, with complete confidence, "Fairies!"

Do you have a favorite weed that you think should be considered a flower instead?

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Fleabane for me. It is drought tolerant and blooms profusely with no care whatsoever.


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