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I'm still a bit confused as to who is responsible for getting me the best possible prices once the job has been assigned to a builder. Is the builder supposed to shop around for the best prices for material as well as selecting the most qualified subs at the best prices? Or should I double check his recommendations to be sure that he is not simply taking the first bids that come along? How can I be assured that the builder is not just taking the easy way out at my expense? How do I know?

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? Ted

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Hi Bill & Ginny. Sorry it has taken so long to reply to your comments but I just had a knee replacement and am sitting here at the computer in the rehab unit. (This is one of the first times that I have been able to do anyting productive).

Anyway, the more replies I get regarding the issue of trusting your builder or GC the more I believe that you must stay on top on the construction process and be ready to make instant changes like firing the bilder and hiring a new one. This means that building your home from a long distance is a really bad idea. I think everyone should build the cost of temporary housing near the job site into the budget, as unwanted as this may be. Whether this be a rented room or a live in, on site trailor.

(Please excuse the type-o's, this computer does not have a spell check).


The builder I am using has sub's that he has worked with for many years. My thinking is that if you bring in a sub that is not familiar with log homes and their unique qualities, it will cost you a lot more in the long run.

You could ask your builder if he has more than one sub for each phase and ask for a bid from each.

Our builder gave us firm quotes on each sub work, electrical, plumbing, heating as per the blueprints. We did make a couple of changes that cost more, but to be expected.

I guess if you cannot trust your builder - then you shouldn't have chose him/her in the first place.



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