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I know everyone today is pinching pennies and looking for ways to going green.


I would like to share with you on how to make your homemade room spray. You know how expensive it is to buy room spray, well now you can make your own.


It is very easy to do.


Things you will need.


Plastic spray bottle

Fabric Softner




In your plastic spray bottle which you can buy at your local dollar store.

Now add 1/2 water into your spray bottle.

Add 1/2 of your favorite fabric softner

Shake well.

And spray to freshen up your house.




I would love to hear what you think!


And happy spraying.




I will write more on how to save money for more house hold things.

Watch for more ideas!

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You can also tuck dryer sheets in drawers or put them in closets....same effect.
I love that idea too! Thanks beth for sharing great Idea!

Great Ideas,what I do is go to Walmart or the Dollar store and buy the store brand
fabric softner around $2.00 and spray on curtains and chairs and keeps the rooms
smelling fresh.I also buy the off brand of dryer sheets and put around the trash cans
to keep the raccoons away,for some reason that works. Greg
Greg, its all you fault, well actually Kelly's. I just went around and sprayed my curtains and chairs with fabric softener. Never had done that before. The house now smells like a mountain meadow in spring time with wild flowers in bloom.......Glad they don't make fabric softener in smells like "locker room" or remember Kramer on Seinfelds when he invented "The Beach cologne".
Hi Glenn,

I am glad I could help you with some homemade ideas! I would agree that I am glad they do not make a air freshner that smells like "locker room". That was a good show from Seinfeld with Kramer invented "The Beach cologne". HA HA

Thanks for sharing!!!

Hi Glenn,

Mix any fabric softner with half water and spray away.
Your whole house will smell wounderful!

Thanks Greg for sharing. Great Ideas!

Whenever the drains in my kitchen sink start to get a little smelly I like to cut a lemon in quarters and put them down the garbage disposal. It fills the whole room with a fresh lemony smell!
Kelly, I have three dogs and five cats, and your air freshener idea worked like a charm! Got rid of that "pet smell" (which I personally love, but not everyone shares my opinion). ( : Thanks for sharing! P.S. This also works great on carpets... makes them a little slippery at first but as soon as they dry they smell great. Also got rid of that nasty static build-up.
Hi Rose,

I am glad you had a chance to try my homemade air freshener. It does help when you have pets and want to freshen up the room!

And you are very welcome!

I like to buy the powered laundry soap boxes, poke a few holes in the top and tuck it behind the coach or in the back of the closet. Helps take care of the shoe smell and keeps the jackets smelling good from season to season.


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