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I am moving to eastern Tennessee this spring and will have about 3 1/2 acres to work with. Lucky for me two of my heart friends are moving nearby and they are amazing when it comes to understanding such things. I plan to place myself in their capable hands, as much as they'll allow me!

Here's a question for now though... there are deer on the property (and rabbits). I love seeing the animals, and they were there first afterall, so don't want to set up anything to drive them away; yet still want to maintain a garden. Suggestions?

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If you decide to use a repellant, we have homeowners that collect hair clippings at the local salon and spread them arround. They claim the deer will keep alittle distance. Hope it helps!

if you want I have a list of plants both unaffected & relished by deer.

If you or anyone else on this site wants those lists - I'll be glad to either e-mail them or try to print them here.

Not sure that will work ...

Yona, how about you just show me one day! ;-) Are marigolds one of the plants?
I read in mother earth news that if you fertilize with horse manure it will keep deer away. Not sure if it works but they said it did in mother earth news.
If my memory is right it seems like they said they put it around the perimeter also. I know if enough was put down it would keep me away......
I've heard that you can create a diversion from your house and garden by including some plants that are favorites of deer and placing them away from the area where you don't want them to eat. The idea is that the deer will just stay where the more delectable plants are... things like dogwood, crabapple, viburnum, pyracanthus, burning bush, burberry or white cedar distracts them.

Anybody ever try this?

the answer is simple

plant whatever the deer don't eat or don't eat under most circumstaces

I have lists if you want them

Lucky you! Eastern TN is where we bought 22 acres and plan to be one day before too long.

I have the same critter situation in SE Michigan. I have found that actually feeding the deer in an area far away from my hostas and other yummy plants has kept the deer (and rabbits) otherwise occupied. There is a "baiting" ban in effect in Michigan at present, so it's not legal to feed deer. When it WAS legal, I found that a bag of shelled corn (50 lb) was around 7 dollars and fed the wildlife for around 6 weeks. Not a bad investment. These days the turkeys, ducks, and rabbits are getting all that corn.


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