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July 2016 Blog Posts (22)

Tricks to Get a Country Chic Look on Your Home's Exterior

If you are redoing your home's exterior, why not consider going all out and incorporating some country chic décor ideas. It is simple, stylish, and classic enough to be in vogue for a long time to come. It is also easier to care for as well since most of the elements are rustic and a little bit of weathering is a good thing. If you think you might like to go country chic, consider a few of these suggestions to help your home’s exterior get you there.…


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Snug Spaces in Log Homes

From bathrooms to bunkrooms, every log home needs that one restful retreat. Cuddle up with some of our favorite snug sanctuaries.


Hot Commodity

This cozy enclosed porch’s stone hearth spans the width of the room, providing ample storage and a warm atmosphere.


The Ultimate Sleep Over

What kid wouldn’t have a blast in this six-bed bunkroom? A different Pendleton-style blanket tops each mattress for a…


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The Benefits of Basic Log Home Maintenance

An industry pro shares how smart siting and a basic log home maintenance schedule enabled his exterior stain to last for 20 years without a single touch up.

log home maintenance basics

My family has a place in Middle Tennessee that we’ve owned since 1987. We call it simply, “The Farm.” Twenty years ago this December, the 100-plus-year-old log cabin original to the property burned to the ground. Being avid…


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How to Protect Your Log Walls

Your goal is to protect your log walls from moisture infiltration, air infiltration and heat loss. Here are some things to look for while inspecting your log walls.

Open cracks

Cracks (checks) in outside logs, particularly upward facing ones 1/2-inch and wider on walls without adequate overhangs to protect them from rain should be properly filled.

Install a tightly fitted piece of foam backing (available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4-inch up to several inches.…


Added by Kristen Hopf on July 27, 2016 at 10:30am — No Comments

Protecting Trees During Log Home Construction

Building a log home can be hard on the surrounding natural environment, particularly nearby trees. Here are some tips for protecting trees during log home construction.

protecting trees

People considering a log home welcome the opportunity to plan its look and layout, but how many think about the land it’s being built on? If you’ve bought an acre or more studded with mature trees, you probably can’t wait until the home is built…


Added by Kristen Hopf on July 26, 2016 at 10:30am — No Comments

5 Essentials for Getting Your Cabin off the Grid

One of the benefits of having a cabin is getting away from the noise and light pollution of the city. However, if you want to feel even more independent from the world and take care of the environment at the same time, you should try and get your cabin off the grid as much as possible. These five alternatives ensure many of the comfort and conveniences of modern…


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A Mountain Log Home in New Hampshire

A mountain log home in New Hampshire with one-of-a-kind craftsmanship serves as a year-round mountain getaway for its Florida family.

Story by Stacy Durr Albert

Photography courtesy of Golden Eagle Log Homes


As you feast your eyes on this undeniably rustic retreat set in New England’s White Mountains, you’d never guess that its owners also have a sophisticated Tuscan-themed home in sunny Florida. After all, the two house styles — and their…


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The Art of Landscaping: How to Keep your Grass Greener on all Sides

Not only is it important for you to keep your grass green, but it's also important for you to ensure that you keep the methods that you use to tend to keeping your grass green as well. In today's environmentally-conscious society, the Green movement is on the rise. Consequently, more and more people are beginning to take measures to reduce their carbon…


Added by Lizzie Weakley on July 22, 2016 at 6:15pm — No Comments

A Red Cedar Log Home in Colorado

Crafted from massive 300-year-old western red cedar, this Colorado log home is a true masterpiece.

Photography courtesy of Dürfeld Log & Timber


Ric Dürfeld, owner of Dürfeld Log & Timber in British Columbia, Canada, isn’t just a log home craftsman, he’s an artist in wood. So when a prominent Colorado client approached him about building a vacation retreat for his family, he knew he was in for a very special, highly customized project,…


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A Family Log Home is a Canadian Retreat

A Canadian couple’s weekend retreat is a family log home built as a place to make memories now and in the future.

Story by Suzanna Logan

Photography by Joseph Hilliard and Larry Arnal


In the early morning hours, when sunshine spreads over the dense, towering forest surrounding Peter and Debbie Snucins’ lakeside escape, a certain quietness prevails. Only the gentle lapping of the water breaks the silence. But it isn’t long before the bustle begins at…


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Designing a Beautiful Log Home Dining Room

A log home dining space won’t necessarily improve your cooking, but it will make meals more satisfying. It’s as if wood whets appetites. So, log homes need a special spot for dining. Thanks to open layouts, many log homes lack separate dining rooms, preferring space near the kitchen or living room — or both — with a table able to seat a crowd.…


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A Wisconsin Log Homestead

There isn’t a scrap of drywall to be found in this Wisconsin full-log homestead.

Photography courtesy of Golden Eagle Log Homes

What happens when an all-American couple wants the quintessential American house? Nothing short of perfection. But like many things…


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What to Know Before Listing Your House for Sale

Selling a home or investment property can be a major undertaking, especially for owners who fail to prepare properly. From seller financing that can help to ensure a quicker sale to the assistance that only a professional realtor can offer, there are plenty of resources that may aid you in the process. Homeowners who know more about their options may be able to reduce the time their property spends on the market or ensure a more sizable return on their investment. …


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Time Management Tricks to Get your Basement Finished Faster

Business owners and managers are not the only people that utilize time management tricks to complete projects on time and within budget. The following time management tricks can increase your chances of achieving your home basement remodel goals. Use these ideas to get a head start on any home improvement project and finish what you start a little faster. …


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A Long Distance Log Home Love Affair

Not ones to let a little extra mileage stand in the way of what they want, a South Carolina couple finds their ideal log home provider in Northern Maine and build their long distance log home from all the way down the coast.

Courtesy of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

There’s a common misconception among log home enthusiasts that in order to have one of these wood…


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A Vacation Log Home in New Hampshire

A New Hampshire vacation log home retreat showcases the diversity of log home construction.

Photography courtesy of Golden Eagle Log Homes

A quick glance at this rugged-yet-elegant home reveals its meticulous attention to detail, its artful mix of sophisticated touches and a very rustic flavor. Set on two pristine acres in the…


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Making Your Cabin More than Just a Place to Stay

A cabin is supposed a home away from home, a sacred escape from the repetitiveness of everyday life. It is a symbol for relaxation and reconnection. However, you may find that it does not quite feel that way. For some reason, you are never quite as comfortable staying there as you are in your own bed. When you have guests, you find that you feel as much a stranger to the…


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A Washington State Log Home on a Blueberry Farm

A talented general contractor, and part-time blueberry farmer, builds a sweet Washington state log home.

Designing and building a custom log home is an exhilarating prospect — one many people dream about for years. The owners of this 5,300-square-foot home found their thrill on 40 acres of blueberry farmland near the Washington-Oregon border, and a new part-time farming…


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4 Transparent Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

Getting new windows isn't a lot of fun. It costs a lot of money to have them replaced, and it doesn't give you the good feeling that, say, remodeling a kitchen or adding a deck to your home does. However, windows are important component to your home, and new ones help boost your value. Here are four transparent signs your…


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4 Summery Log Home Outdoor Spaces

In summer, log home outdoor spaces are an essential extension of your main living areas. Invest a little time and thought into them so that they really shine.


Give it a Whirl

Punctuated by a sunken hot tub, this home's outdoor living area is multifaceted — perfectly designed for dining, enjoying a juicy novel or relaxing with a warm soak and a cold drink.

Visit for more inspiration for your…


Added by Kristen Hopf on July 7, 2016 at 9:12am — No Comments

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