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Lizzie Weakley's Blog – January 2018 Archive (9)

Home Makeover: 5 Reasons to Consider Installing New Windows

If you are thinking about updating your home, you might have a lot of ideas in mind. Even though you might have thought about hiring a painting crew to come in and paint your walls or a flooring crew to come in and install flooring, one remodeling project that you might not have thought about is installing new windows. However, this can actually be a good idea if…


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Tapping into Better H2O: Why Your Home Needs a Water Purification System

Many homeowners believe that the drinking water they receive is already in perfect drinking condition. However, the reality is that your drinking water may still contain trace amount of contaminants, and many of the minerals used by water treatment plants can have adverse effects on your health. The best way to guarantee the purity of your drinking water is to…


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Taking Care of Your Home's H2O: How to Elminate Hard Water

When washing a mirror or other surface, you may become frustrated by the water spots left behind. These water spots are caused by hard water. Water can contain all sorts of minerals. Most of these minerals are not harmful to our bodies but actually helpful. However, when they build up in our pipes, the issues start arising.


What Is Hard…


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4 Secrets to Keeping Your Cabin in Terrific Condition

A cabin is a great place to spend time, whether it’s a fulltime residence or just a place to retreat on weekends and vacations. But if you don’t put in a little work to keep it in good shape, it can end up feeling more like a house of horrors than a soothing oasis. Here are four simple secrets to keeping your cabin in terrific condition.

Check Plants and…


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Post-Modern Cabin: Contemporary Furniture Ideas for a Unique Aesthetic

A cabin can be a great place to unwind and escape from the rest of the world. A cabin that has a stunning contemporary interior design scheme can be particularly welcoming and comforting. If you want your cabin to look like a vision of modern perfection, these furniture tips can help you immensely.

Invest in a Sizable Coffee Table

If you want your…


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4 Keen Design Ideas for a Spectacular Cabin in the Woods

What on earth can be cozier and more enjoyable than a nice cabin located in the woods? If you want to take full advantage of your getaway, then there are numerous design options that can help you considerably. Successful cabin design is all about making the most out of your imaginative streak.

Come up with a Theme

Themes can take the concept of your…


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4 Amazing Yard Designs to Implement This Winter

Just because winter has arrived, your yard doesn’t need to turn helpless. Let’s take a look at amazing yard designs to implement this winter:

Snow Patterns

If you live in a cold climate, snow patterns are some of the most beautiful designs for your yard. Using a rake or a shovel, you can paint these patterns in the grass for all to see. This is a…


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Plumbing Maintenance: How to Eliminate Hard Water from Your Home

Hard water is at best a mixed blessing. The calcium and magnesium in hard water are good for health and make water taste good. Other than that, hard water is a scourge to plumbing pipes, water dependent appliances, dishes, clothes, skin and hair.


What Hard Water Does

Hard water lays down limescale inside pipes and appliances when it…


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5 Home Repairs to Better Secure Your House This Winter

Protecting your home from the winter is essential to safeguard the investment you have in your house. Winter, in many regions, brings potential damage from ice, water leaks through melting snow, and severe winds. While these issues can present problems, taking a few precautions through exterior and interior maintenance will help secure your home during the cold…


Added by Lizzie Weakley on January 3, 2018 at 2:39pm — No Comments

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