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Lizzie Weakley's Blog – January 2019 Archive (11)

4 Luxury Items Every New Home Owner Should Consider

When you first purchase your home, it’s such an exciting experience. Now, you have square footage that you actually own. You can now customize it to your liking without asking a landlord or rental property manager for permission. Now, you’ll get to live in the lap of luxury. Understand that you don’t have to live in a luxury home community in order to experience luxury. Consider these four luxury items you might want to consider adding to your home experience.…


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Crazy-Cold Concrete: 4 Strategies for Maintaining Your Driveway in the Winter

An iced-over driveway is a problem, and not just because someone might slip on it. Concrete expands and contracts as the weather changes. When your driveway is exposed to ice, the rapid changes in temperature can cause cracks and damages that are costly to repair. Try these tricks to keep your driveway clear of ice and free from damage this winter season. …


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Water Heater Issues? What to do in a Pinch

One feature of our home that we rarely think about is the water heater. At least we rarely think about it when it is working as when something goes wrong, it is at the top of our list of priorities. Often water heater issues are easy to troubleshoot as these tips demonstrate.

No Hot Water

If you turn on the faucet and there is no hot…


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Building a New Log Home? How to Make Material Delivery a Cinch

Having your construction materials delivered directly to the site of your new log home makes the building process easier. To make the process as smooth as possible, some planning needs to go into it. Here are some of the steps that you’ll need to take in order to make your material delivery a cinch.

Determine Your Needs

Once you’ve…


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Incorporating Natural Home Color Schemes Without Relying On Brown

Behr says blueprint is the most popular color choice for 2019. This rich color invokes a sense of class and style in any home. The tone comes from the blueprints you see on an architect's desk when designing a structure. Shades of this blue, green tones, grays, and flowery designs are natural hues you can use to make your home look beautiful without relying on the same old tan, beige, and chocolate brown colors in…


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Private Cabin: How Smart Owners Secure Their Getaway Home

Your private cabin is not only your personal getaway home, but it’s also your vacation home and an extension of your family home. You make memories there. You relax there. You furnish it with expensive items that provide comfort and style. While you’re not using your getaway home, you want to make sure that it’s properly protected. Here are just four…


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Building a Fallout Shelter? Don't Forget These 4 Essentials

With the increase of natural disasters and political upheaval, creating a self-sustaining shelter to retreat to is becoming the more and more logical measure. A fallout shelter, in particular is most appealing as it protects against all disasters, including nuclear fallout should a bomb drop and the radiation leave the area unsafe for life. However, for a truly fallout-free shelter, there are many factors that need to be addressed that are often forgotten by the average wilderness survival…


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Finishing Touches: Why Your Log Home Needs a Flooring Upgrade

Upgrading your flooring can offer your home a number of benefits. This could come in the form of you completely redoing your floors or just improving upon the ones that are currently installed. Here are some of the reasons that your log home needs a flooring upgrade.

Unified Appearances

Having the same type of flooring running…


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New Cabin? How to Manicure the Grounds of Your Homestead

Did you know that most cabins were not meant for long-term use at first? When you buy a cabin, you are likely to concentrate more on the structure than the grounds around the structure. After a while, the task of beautifying everything inside and outside becomes a…


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Secure Log Home: How Smart Cabin Dwellers Invest in Their Home

Whether your log cabin is your primary residence or a summer vacation home, you want it to be safe and comfortable. Protecting your property from wildlife, forest fires, floods, and other natural disasters is necessary. We give you four ways to invest in your log home to make it safe and secure in this blog.

Fire and Wind Safety



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Backed up Toilet? 4 Ideas to Help Keep Your Cabin Bathroom Clean and Clear

Issues with the functioning of your bathroom can make your entire household miserable. It can be particularly frustrating to deal with toilet backups. Toilet issues in general can make daily existence stressful and inconvenient. If you want to maintain a cabin bathroom that’s sanitary and dependable, these strategies can do you a lot of…


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