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Lizzie Weakley's Blog – November 2018 Archive (8)

4 Reasons Why Your New Log Home Needs a Metal Roof

Roofing systems are imperative for structures of all kinds. There are so many kinds of roofs accessible to people nowadays. That’s why making roofing system decisions can often be extremely taxing and time-consuming. If you’re a log home owner, you may want to consider installing a metal roof. Metal roofs are desirable for a plenitude of…


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High Water Table? How to Protect Your Cabin in the Mountains

No matter where your home is, having a high water table can lead to your foundation being undermined. You have to take measures to protect the stability of your home. Here are some of the strategies that you should employ in order to protect your cabin in the woods from a high water table.

Divert Runoff

Runoff and other forms of…


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Heated Homey Hearth: Keeping Your Cabin Warm for the Winter is Easy

A cabin that’s not perfectly warm and toasty practically defeats the purpose. If you want to maintain a cabin that’s the portrait of warmth all winter long, then these options can do you a lot of good. You have no reason in the world to suffer and shiver in your intimate and pleasant getaway.

Invest in High-Quality Area Rugs

If you want…


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Log Home Update: What to Do When You Installing a New Water Heater

Installing a new water heater doesn’t have to be complicated if you follow a step by step approach. The first place to start is determining the size and type of water heater that you want to install into your home. Here is an overview of the steps that you’ll need to take when installing your new water heater.

Drain Your Lines



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Updating Your Old Home: 4 Reasons to Have a Metal Roof Installed This Fall

The roof of your home is essential to keeping everything inside your home safe. In fact, apart from the foundation, it is the second most important part of any home. While there are many different types of roofs, many people find that a metal roof is their best choice. The toughest decision is often deciding on the type of metal roof that is right for your…


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Log Home Landscaping: Take the Time to Upkeep Your Homestead

Life in a log home can be idyllic and fulfilling. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t call for occasional maintenance work, however. It doesn’t matter if you reside in a cozy log home or in an opulent palace. You have to make regular upkeep a big part of your routine. Landscaping is always a big part of log home maintenance, too.

Think about…


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How to Properly Take Care of the Septic Tank in Your Cabin

Septic tanks may not be the most exciting or glamorous topic in the world to discuss. They’re unavoidable components, though, due to their essential wastewater treatment functions. If you want to keep your cabin functional, cozy and comfortable at all times, then you need to focus on suitable septic tank maintenance techniques. Keeping your cabin’s…


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4 Ways to Modernize Your Cabin with Simple Updates

If your cabin is old and boring, it’s time to breathe new life into it by giving it a modern makeover. There are quite a few different looks that you can achieve that will bring your home into the modern era with just a few simple updates.

Glass Features

As time passes, windows become scratched, cloudy and cracked. These old and worn windows ruin the…


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