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Never underestimate the effects of hard water

So you have a new log cabin house.  Well, that's great!   Now you move in to do all your due diligence and buy all your new furniture, rugs and appliances only to find white residue all over your new bathroom sinks, kitchen faucets and your appliances not running like new.  You realize that you have that dang hard water!!

Well, your log cabin is pulling up a lot of calcium and magnesium and it is ruining your new move.  Your dream home has taken a hit and what do you do?  Well, you have a few options... 

A traditional water softener

The easiest thing to do is get a water softener installed on your main water line.   You need to have a drain and electrical hookups and buy salt regularly to refill.   You can also get a monthly exchange tank where a local company will do the dirty work and replace the tank every month to keep the soft water flowing. Costs?? well, expect about 50-60 dollars a month either way.   You may also want to add a reverse osmosis system for drinking water as well.  (you don't want to drink salt)

vinegar or lemi shine

Maybe you do not want a saltwater softener and deal with the added expense.  You can always get a product like lemi shine that you can add to your dishwasher to help eliminate some problems.  You can also use vinegar to help get rid of the white residue that is plaguing your home every once in a while. 

This is the cheapest route to take but will always be an issue and will never go away completely. 

A no-salt conditioner 

There is an in-between a well with getting a water conditioner system that doesn't use salt.  These are a good alternative if you do not want to add salt to your local water source and still want to extend the life of your appliances and water heater.  You can get an electrical water softener named eddy or one that uses template-assisted crystallization.   These no salt systems seem to work pretty well and have been seeing some good results if you look at the reviews. 

Hard water can certainly reach hook on your new log home and you may find your self in a deeper hole later down the road with plumbing issues or constant issues with your appliances when the scale starts to slowly build up over the years.   Nipping hard water in the bud will be a pain at first but you will one day be happy that you took care of this issue when you first moved in.

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