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As we all know, building a new home can get expensive if you are unaware of ways to keep your costs down. First-time home buyers, along with high-end luxury home buyers, all want to know how they can get the most home for their money.

To educate our customers about the many cost-effective options available to them when designing and building their dream home, the Wisconsin Log Homes team came up with a report, "52 Ways to Save."

The first 10 ways to save money are as follows. Click Here to view our complete report.

1. Select a reputable company. A respectable company will help you design a home within your budget, and suggest money-saving design ideas and construction techniques that can save you money.
2. Watch the budget. Determine how much you can spend and stick to that figure. Be honest and upfront about the bottom line. Tell your Home Consultant how much you can afford before plans are drawn, and agree on important design issues.
3. Ask for feedback. Ask about the pros and cons of different elements of your design and how each will affect your budget.
4. Educate yourself. The more you know about the building process, the easier it is to control the bottom line.
5. Compare apples to apples. Get everything in writing and be sure it is the same quality and quantity of materials and services when making a comparison between companies. Saving $4,000 on a home package may look good on the bottom line, but not when you find its missing $6,000 worth of materials.
6. Build only what you need. Analyze your family’s needs and living patterns and how they translate into physical space. Sometimes restraint is essential if your dream is to become an affordable reality, but be sure your scaled-down plan meets your basic needs.
7. Shop for an affordable site. Developed land is easier to build on and more expensive. Try to keep the ratio of land to house 1 to 4 or more.
8. A small site saves on land and landscaping costs. You can also save on future landscaping costs if naturally occurring trees and bushes are left in place.
9. Cooperate with your site. It will cost less to fit your home design to your site than try to find a site to fit your home design.
10. Walkout basements can add extra living space at very little cost. A lot with a slight grade may allow for a walkout basement. Plan for a 9-foot ceiling so that pipes, wires and air ducts can be hidden when the space is finished.

Click Here for 42 more ways to save when building a new home.

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