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Another Reason to Work with an Architect: The Value of Site Inspections

On-site inspection and verification of the construction process is an invaluable service architects provide clients during the construction phase of their custom log homes. Incorporating site visits and construction inspections as a standard practice is like an insurance policy guaranteeing the builder is building your home in compliance with your plans and specifications. Custom home construction, especially for custom log homes and timber frame homes, can be complicated and challenging and can be even more convoluted by your home’s design and your build site. Many critical decisions must be made as the construction of your home progresses. It’s easy and tempting for the builder to take short cuts that might affect the quality or structural soundness of your home. In addition, interpretation and adjustments to the plans are normal as conditions at the construction site change and information becomes available.

The cost of constructing a custom home can be a huge financial investment for most homeowners – often times the largest financial investment a person will make in their lifetime. Engaging the services of a professional and licensed architect can greatly enhance the success of the project and normally will pay for itself in savings and satisfaction. At Mountain Architects, our standard architectural services include design, feasibility cost estimating, preparation of the construction documents, structural engineering, competitive builder bid administration, building permit submittals and site inspections. The package of services might be summarized as “advocate” for the homeowner. Site inspections are a critical element in the suite of services and protects the homeowner by ensuring that the home is being built as planned.

Most homeowners are not construction experts. It would be unreasonable to expect a typical homeowner to see and certify if the builder is on track and performing as expected. However, an architect is a construction expert. If the builder knows that they must answer to a knowledgeable professional, the builder is more likely to be accountable for the work performed. Also, on-site decisions are not made on the fly and without oversight.

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